Reflections of the Journey.....Denver to Los Angeles

My life consists of a few things at this point.  Studying, walking my pups, and looking for jobs.  Now I know that does not sound very exciting, but there is some lessons to be learned in my daily items.

First, California real estate is very different than Colorado real estate.  Some of what I have learned in the past five years has to be unlearned and re-learned in a different way.  Now, this isn't a bad thing, just a difficult thing at times.  The excitement of learning new things, new rules, new areas get's me all tingly inside, but taking the practice tests frustrates me so much at times I just have to get up and leave the house.  Hence, the walking of the pups.  I don't think they have been walked this much in their whole lives!  I am sure they hope my frustrations get the best of me at this point, but I digress!

So I have a hump to get over, ok....I can handle that, but can get I get over it quickly and move on because I am SO ready to get to work.

This "downtime" in my real estate career has made me realize just how much I LOVE what I do.  The thrill of helping someone buy their first home excites me.  I think I get more excited than my clients at times.  The idea that I have been a part of something so important and life changing makes me want to do it even more.  My clients are more than "clients" they become friends and what more can a "people loving" person ask for?  I have photos of my clients first babies, graduation photos, Christmas cards, thank you notes, etc.  The list goes on and on!  I LOVE IT. And all that excitement just comes from being a buyers agent.  There are new thrills on the listing agent side.  Makes my teeth buzz!

All this leads to my revelations of the job market.  You see, you don't just get your real estate license and promptly close on a house the next day.  (I WISH!) You have to find the clients, let the relationship bask in the listing or searching, go through escrow, financing, closing...etc.  You know all the background noise that is necessary to get to the really fun stuff.  You didn't think it was all just confetti and party horns did ya?

So, back to the job topic.  I was a secretary for over 15 years before becoming a Realtor, so I just KNEW I would not have any issues with finding a part-time, full-time, temp job while I am building my other part of my life.  I just thought I'd sign up with a few temp companies and everything would be fine.  Guess what folks....NOT.  At this point I have over 275 resumes out and I have three temp companies in my pocket, who have yet to produce any job, not even a one day job!  This unemployment thing....well, it's real.  There are so many people unemployed and looking for any type of work that I am in the many numbers who apply for any job they see. Cover letters, resume's, online posts, interviews (if you can get them) are what most unemployed fill their days with.  It is a very eye-opening experience and it makes me feel so much more for my clients when they let me know they have lost a job.  It's so simple to say, Oh you will get another one" when in actuality it may be months before they find one.  So all this will just prove to make me more compassionate to my clients in the future.

I don't know what tomorrow may bring on the job horizon but I do know this girl is not wasting any time with getting her real estate testing complete.

But in the meantime....can a sister get a job? Resume is ready and waiting!

Peace, love and blessings from the Realty Goddess!

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