HELLO....Life is Calling

We live in an "instant" world and I think that has caused us to be a society of selfish, inpatient and sometimes uncaring people.  Life steps in sometimes and decides to slow you down whether you like it or not.  During this "Lull" in my career it has made me appreciate the little things in my business and in my life.  It's the little things that matter.  Like taking a few minutes to just breathe and be grateful for the little things.  

Have you ever just stopped what you are doing in your busy world and just "LOOK".  I mean, REALLY look!  Yesterday I was walking my pups and decided I needed to stop looking down.  I made a HUGE effort to slow down and look at the things around me.  Guess what I saw?  BEAUTY.  California is beautiful.  You do not have to be by the beach to appreciate the simple beauty among the hustle and bustle of city life.  Now, I am not sure you know that I am a true country living girl.  Not cowboy rodeo type, but rolling country side, bluegrass, garden fed, run through the yard barefoot, type of girl.  When I grew up, I had fields to play in.  I remember laying in the grass and just watching the sky and finding animals in the clouds.  Somewhere along the way we stop this process.  We get caught up in business, in life, in raising children, being a wife, being everything to everyone.  In that tornado of life you forget there is a beautiful world calling out to you.  Things get rushed and pushed to the next day, only to find your list never gets done.  

SCREECH...back to the walk?  I stopped to breathe. Here is what I saw. Tall, lean, majestic palm trees, wonderful vines full of pink delicate flowers, a clear blue sky and the smells of home cooking coming from the homes around me.  There were kids playing in the front yards, laughter coming from the distance, a church bell calling people to worship, you know...the little things you tune out in the busy daily life that you lead when trying to get to your next destination. So now, I have decided that each day I am going to take at least 15 minutes to just hold my head up and use my true eyes to see.

Yes, that's all spiritual and stuff. (giggle)  But I noticed when I  made that decision it made it easier to study the material in front of me.  I even stopped to think how blessed I am that I can even take my Real Estate Course online.  Really...no joke...just a few years ago you would have to go to classes but I have the luxury of sitting in front of my computer and getting it done in the comfort of my home.  Which made me think of how I do business.  I have a cell phone, a fax machine, a copy machine in my home and IN MY CAR! I am a fully functionally office where ever I am.  If I need to look up a property or a fact it is at my fingertips.  Who needs the World Encyclopedia book set anymore.  Yes, indeed, this Realty Goddess is blessed and happy to live in a world where I can access info at a snap of a finger, but for this weeks lesson I am glad my spirit called out to me and made me slow down.

Because of this little spiritual awakening, I finished my course, passed the school test and now I am awaiting a state exam test.  I'll keep you updated!

Peace, love and blessings from the Realty Goddess!

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