Tickling the Taste Buds

Well, it's been a few weeks and the dust of moving has settled a bit.  I am only living out of a few boxes now and the furniture will be moved into the new place in just a week or so.  For now, I have the needed items and I am taking the time to go through the boxes one more time to scale down my belongings.

My apartment is adorable.  Hardwood floors, lots of space, a parking spot and only three other neighbors.  I am trying to adjust to the sounds and lights that always seem to be swirling around me.  It is SO different from living in your own free standing home.

It's been quite the "whirlwind".  From the time I rolled into the city I feel like I am "ON" and the "OFF" switch is broken.  So much to see, so much to do and so much to EAT!  Where do you begin in this City of Angels?

My neighborhood is FULL of wonderful Korean Restaurants.  Korean food is one of my FAVORITES, it tickles the taste buds with joy!  The first Korean BBQ I tried was so wonderful I had to just sit in awe as I finished up my plate.  $10.99 for a three meat BBQ feast that had my lips smacking.  Each meat was seasoned so differently and marinated in pure delectable bliss. OH SO YUMMY!  I cannot forget to mention the delicious Kimchi!  Cabbage, spinach, radish, tofu....spicy, sweet, tart.  MAN OH MAN!

A girl could lose her figure living here.  Got to make sure that does not happen! Anybody got a good workout program!?

Just imagine, I just talked about ONE place in this post!  It's going to be a beautiful life!

Until next time, peace, blessings and joy from the Realty Goddess.

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