Burnin Daylight Brewery

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This weekend I had the pleasure to visit the Burning Daylight Brewery in Lomita, CA. It is a quaint place that is comfortable and cozy. They have many beers on tap to suit all tastes.⁠⠀

They began their brewing journey in 2008 and life begin to change for them at that point.⁠⠀

Burning Daylight also offers eating options. Hubby and I went for some hot wings, fries and brats! All were yummy. They were playing the football game to it was lively and fun. ⁠⠀

There is an outside patio for you to enjoy as well.⁠⠀

I am not a big beer person so I was beyond happy to see that they offered Pineapple Cider! I love a good cider. (not on tap)⁠⠀

All in all, hubby and I decided this place is a ... DO OVER for going back! It was our first time and it won't be our last.⁠⠀

They are located at: 24516 Narbonne Ave Suite 100 Lomita, CA. Check out their website for hours and menu options: www.burnindaylightbrewing.com⁠

Rent To Own - BEWARE!

Hello. Hello, hello. So you think you want to buy a house and you found a great deal and you've made an agreement to rent to own. Let's talk about this. My name is Laura Key. I am the Realty Goddess of Los Angeles, California. And I "Help To Establish The Community One House At A Time" I've been in the business since 2006 I love what I do and I do what I love! "Rent To Own" or also called "Lease To Own" properties...you see them all the time. You see them on places such as craigslist. You see them, uh, advertised on Facebook sometimes. Sometimes you just hear people saying that they're going to the least own. Maybe you see them on those little yellow signs that ya see driving down the street and you think to yourself, this would be a perfect situation for me. I don't have enough money to buy right now, but if I get into a home that is leased to own, this may be something that is great for me.

If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is too good to be true. Let me give you an example of what just happened today. I deal with bank owned properties. A lot of the times I have to go and make sure the property is secure I have to make sure that the property is vacant and if someone is living there, I need to get their details to report back to the bank. The lady that I went to the home with today was shocked to find out that the house has been sold. She has been living in this house for the past three years. She's been paying rent and fixing the home because it was her understanding that she was in a rent to own situation and now she found out today that the house belongs to the bank and she is facing eviction.

Guys, let me give you some tips and tricks. If you come across rent to own that are extremely important for you to abide by. Don't put your fingers in your ears so that you can't hear. Don't cover your eyes so you can't see this video. These are hard facts, but they're true facts. If you are looking to do a lease to own number one, do not just take a verbal understanding. Do not just take a basic contract. What you need to do is you need to get an attorney for you and the other person can get an attorney as well so that everyone is represented appropriately. You want to contact an attorney so that they can draw up legally binding contracts that outline the full terms of you renting to own. Number one that needs to be addressed. How long will you be renting before you apply that money to owning the home?

What happens if you need to break the contract on your side? Will you get your security deposit back? Will you get the funds that you have put toward the home back or will you get a percentage of that back? What happens if something breaks in the home? Who will handle the repairs and you need to make sure that any and all funds are put into a very safe place where no one can touch it without you all signing an agreement. Guys, rent to own can happen. Unfortunately, I'm going to tell you since I have been in the business, I have never seen any that turned out well, but that does not mean that there aren't, as long as you go through the proper channels, attorney; official contract; all terms outlined and understood; understanding of where the money is going to go; how long will you be renting to own before you're ready to actually make it yours?

Who is going to handle the repairs? These things are critical for you to understand if you're even considering a lease to own, but as an agent who has never seen one work, I'm going to be very honest with you in saying that I don't feel confident and advising this type of deal. If you're not going to do it correctly, then don't do it at all. My information is above. If you have questions about leasing to own, please let me know. Regardless of whatever state you're in, I look forward to talking with you. Don't be the victim. Be the winner. My name is Laura Key. I am the Realty Goddess of Los Angeles, California, and "I Help To Establish The Community One House At A Time". I wish you nothing but love, light and blessings. Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is? Mmmaw Suga. Bye.

FREE & Low Cost Things To Do In Los Angeles

There is nothing like enjoying the California sun with some awesome events. Here is a great list of things you an enjoy for FREE in Los Angeles.

Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park
2800 E. Observatory Road Los Angeles, CA 90027
Griffith Observatory sits on the south face of Mount Hollywood and overlooks the Los Angeles basin. Its location gives visitors impressive views of the surrounding area. But there's more than just a pretty photo-op here. The observatory hosts fascinating exhibitions and features a top-notch planetarium.

Most recent visitors cited the beautiful setting as Griffith Observatory's main draw, though the free entry was certainly a bonus. However, you will have to pay between $3 and $7 to see the planetarium shows. Griffith Observatory is open from noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, with extended hours on weekends. Free but limited parking is available along the winding roads leading up to the property, or visitors can park in the small lot by the observatory for $4 per hour. A gift shop and cafe can be found on-site as well.

If you're looking to spend some time outdoors (without fighting traffic to get to the beaches), Griffith Park is the place to be. This 4,210-acre stretch is the largest urban park in the country. It features more than 50 miles of hiking and biking trails and numerous waterfalls and lagoons. If you don't want to venture out on your own, several companies offer guided hikes. You will also find a variety of attractions here, including the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, the Hollywood Sign, the Autry Museum of the American West and, of course, the observatory.

Past travelers enjoyed taking in the park's views, especially those provided during their hikes to the Hollywood Sign. Griffith Park is open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to 10 p.m. Admission is free, but individual attractions and facilities (such as sports courts and some of the park's museums) may charge entry fees. Limited complimentary parking is provided throughout the property.

The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90049
The Getty Center is one of the most impressive architectural achievements in the United States – and it also contains some of the finest works of art in the world. The circular concrete-and-steel structure was designed by renowned architect Richard Meier, and it houses an abundance of art from various ages and nations. Here you'll find Renaissance paintings, 20th-century American photography, Baroque sculptures, historic manuscripts and more, all housed inside a sprawling, modern campus amid the Santa Monica Mountains. The museum also offers spectacular views of Los Angeles on clear days.

Recent travelers loved the museum for its value and beauty, highlighting the contrast between the art center's subtle refinement and the over-the-top glitz of Hollywood. Many visitors suggest taking a guided tour, noting that the tour highlights interesting parts of the museum they wouldn't have stumbled upon on their own. Free 45-minute guided tours are provided at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. for groups with 15 to 30 people, while complimentary headsets can be borrowed for self-guided audio tours.

Located just north of Santa Monica near the UCLA campus, the Getty Center can be a bit tricky to get to. (Note: The only public entrance to the Getty Center is by Getty Center Drive from North Sepulveda Boulevard. Some GPS devices offer misguided directions.) Parking costs $20 per vehicle or $15 after 3 p.m. For evening events and Saturdays after 6 p.m., parking is $10. Upon arrival, you board a tram that ascends the hill to the museum grounds. Best of all, entry to the museum is free and no reservations are required. Available facilities include two coffee carts, two cafes, a restaurant, gift shops and a garden with more than 500 kinds of plants. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except on Saturdays, when it stays open until 9 p.m.

Santa Monica Pier and Beach
200 Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica, CA
Just west of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica contains one of the most legendary beach scenes in the United States. Santa Monica also boasts an abundance of great restaurants and excellent nightlife spots. The 3 miles of shoreline are renowned as some of the best in the area thanks to the soft sands, ideal weather and bevy of attractions. "State Beach," as its known, averages about 340 days of sunshine a year and acted as the backdrop for the popular television series "Baywatch."

Santa Monica is a very walkable part of town, and many recent visitors suggest you explore the area by bicycle. One of the most scenic rides is along the 26-mile bike path, which runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean and is the longest beach bike path in the world. Travelers also recommend riding the Ferris wheel at the pier and people-watching at the Third Street Promenade.

In addition to the famous pier's Ferris wheel, visitors can zip around on a roller coaster, catch lively street performances, play carnival games and grab a bite to eat from one of the food vendors or at a sit-down restaurant. Several bemoaned the high price tag on some of the pier's food and attractions – ride tickets cost $5 to $10 each – but with free entry, your losses will probably be mitigated. The pier is open 24 hours a day, however, hours will vary for local businesses. Parking is plentiful and costs between $7 and $25, depending on the season and lot location. Travelers can also get to the area by taking the Big Blue Bus or riding the Metro's Expo Line to the Downtown Santa Monica station. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
One of Hollywood's most iconic and memorable sites, the TCL Chinese Theatre (originally Grauman's Chinese Theatre) opened in 1927 and represents the excess of Hollywood's Golden Age. You can tour the theater for $18 (kids tour tickets cost $8 and senior tickets are $14 each); tours are offered from 10 a.m. to 9, 9:30, 9:45 or 10 p.m. every day except Monday. Because of this attraction's popularity, it's best to reserve your spot online in advance. This working theater also shows various newly released films throughout the year.

Overall, previous travelers said the tour guides' passion for the subject was evident, making their experiences special. However, some wished the area offered a glitzier atmosphere. Parking can also be challenging to find in Hollywood. Additional information about the attraction's tours and movie showtimes can be found on the TCL Chinese Theatre website.

While you're here, take a stroll along the free-to-enjoy Hollywood Walk of Fame, where hundreds of movie stars have left their handprints and signatures along the sidewalk. The attraction is open to the public 24 hours a day, and most of its activity and notable names are located between the 6800 and 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard (which, luckily, is directly in front of the theater).

As one of the most famous and recognized sites in all of Hollywood, the theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are really a must-see. But it seems like a lot of people have the same idea – recent visitors said the sidewalk gets packed with camera-wielding tourists photographing the ground. Plus, parking is limited along Hollywood Boulevard. Some, however, said the hustle and bustle was part of the quirky allure of the area.

Zuma Beach
30000 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu has a reputation for excessive wealth and exclusivity, yet all of the town's beaches are public – everyone's welcome. If you're seeking an LA beach spot for sunbathing and swimming, look no further than this part of town. The beaches here are far cleaner than those at Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

Malibu's Zuma Beach is considered one of the finest beaches in the Los Angeles area. Locals and tourists laud Zuma for its awesome waves, ample parking and easy access to beachside snacks. Plus, there are a plethora of lifeguard stations and bathroom facilities.

The city of Malibu is northwest of the central LA area. The trip from downtown to Zuma is about 36 miles long, but keep in mind that traffic can quickly build up along the Pacific Coast Highway. Sights like the Getty Villa and the Adamson House are located nearby, and the restaurant-filled Trancas Country Market sits within walking distance of the beach's north end. Zuma Beach is open daily from sunrise to sunset and is free to visit. Parking closest to Zuma beach is metered; 10 minutes of parking will cost you 25 cents. The meter has a max charge of 90 minutes.

Third Street Promenade
1351 Third Street Promenade
The Third Street Promenade, popular with shopaholics, has an eclectic vibe similar to its Santa Monica locale. This open-air shopping mall is filled with major chain stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M, as well as more unique boutiques like the Kenneth Karmiole, Bookseller Inc. rare books shop and the toys-focused Puzzle Zoo. You'll also find that outdoor dining options – many of which use local ingredients – are plentiful. And if you're in the mood to cook your own meal, you can find fresh produce at the farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday morning, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Despite all the tempting spending options, the promenade's atmosphere is the main draw for many recent travelers. Unexpected extras like the sculptured shrubs and talented street performers are particularly popular with visitors. The pedestrian-friendly layout reminded some of shopping in Europe, though others were turned off by the large crowds and noisy atmosphere at night.

Open 24 hours daily and free to visit, the promenade is located a few blocks from the Santa Monica Pier and sits near several bus stops and the Metro's Downtown Santa Monica station. There is plenty of parking but finding a spot can get competitive at peak hours. Restaurant and store hours vary by location.

Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard Strip
One of the most iconic thoroughfares in the United States, Sunset Boulevard continues to live up to its legends. In the old days, it represented the classic and glamorous Hollywood lifestyle and became the setting of several famous films, including the obvious classic "Sunset Boulevard." Today, the palm-lined street (which connects downtown LA to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Pacific Coast Highway) retains its cinematic appeal, and the Sunset Strip portion has become a popular nightlife spot. The strip is also home to many classic music venues, including the Rainbow Bar & Grill and The Roxy Theatre.

Recent visitors loved driving along this famous boulevard, adding that gorgeous sunsets can be enjoyed during late afternoon drives. But like other parts of LA, this thoroughfare gets congested once rush hour hits, so plan accordingly.

The clubs, bars and restaurants along Sunset Boulevard maintain varied hours, but it is always free to visit and open 24 hours a day. For those without a car, the city's No. 2/302 travels along much of the thoroughfare.

Venice Beach
1800 Ocean Front Walk Venice, CA
Developed in the early 20th century, Venice Beach is modeled – canals and all – after its namesake city in Italy. Admittedly, the experiment didn't live up to its Italian inspiration, but the neighborhood has become distinctly Californian, embodying the spirit of the wealthy, the alternative and the just plain bizarre. Rather than towering churches and intimate pizzerias, you'll find canalside mansions near funky boutiques and restaurants.

Venice Beach's claim to fame is its boardwalk. Hosting a daily procession of eclectic characters and scantily clad beachgoers, the boardwalk never fails to impress out-of-towners. Past visitors loved checking out the area's unique scene (including the open-air Muscle Beach and the Hotel Erwin's High Rooftop Lounge), although some cautioned that the parts away from the pier were not appropriate for younger children. Also, remember that Venice Beach can get crowded on sunny days and is better suited for sunbathing, not swimming.

Venice Beach, which is free to visit 24 hours a day, is situated approximately 18 miles southwest of central LA. Street parking and parking lots are available around the neighborhood, though finding a spot can be a hassle at certain times of the day; read all street signs carefully to avoid a ticket or towing. Bus Nos. 1, 33 and 733 also have stops nearby. 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Next door to the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum sits the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the linchpin of the Los Angeles museum district. Since its 1965 opening, LACMA has showcased thousands of pieces, from Islamic artifacts to European impressionist paintings to modern art. With constantly shifting exhibitions and unique architecture stretched across more than 20 acres of land, LACMA offers a rewarding experience for both serious art buffs and casual travelers.

You may have come for the Picassos or the Cézannes inside, but don't overlook the outdoor scenery. Recent travelers suggest visiting LACMA at night to admire Chris Burden's Urban Light installation, which is made up of 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps. Others warn that a visit here isn't cheap: Prices at the property's three eateries are high, general admission tickets cost $25 for adults (children 17 and younger get in for free) and parking will set you back $16.

Situated on Wilshire Boulevard in west LA, LACMA is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Fridays; and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays

Take advantage of the FREE jazz nights during the summer. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine and prepare to dance on Friday and Saturday evenings!

La Brea Tar Pits & Museum
5801 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
$15 for adults; $5 for kids 3-12
If your kids go crazy for dinosaurs – and really, what kid doesn't? – then a visit to La Brea Tar Pits & Museum is sure to be the highlight of their trip. Although the pits look like the set of a cheesy PG movie, hot tar has been bubbling from the earth at this spot along Museum Row in the Miracle Mile for about 40,000 years. And from the gooiest part of LA, more than 1 million bones from 600-plus species have been discovered. The adjoining museum houses many of the artifacts found at the tar pits; consequently, it is home to one of the largest collections of Ice Age fossils in the world.

You can check out the tar pits completely free of charge, but museum ticket start at $15 for adults; reduced entry fees are available for children, students, members of the military and seniors. You'll save $1 on each ticket if you buy tickets online. All tickets include tours of property facilities like the fossil lab, lake pit and observation pit. Complimentary admission is offered on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding July and August) and every Tuesday in September, but ticket lines on these days are long, so consider reserving your pass online before you arrive. Even if you have to pay to visit, most visitors agree that the exhibits are well worth perusing.

La Brea Tar Pits & Museum sits next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. In addition to the museum's exhibits, all ticketholders have access to restrooms and a gift shop, plus on-site parking for $15 per vehicle. The No. 20 bus also stops by the property. 

Greystone Mansion and Park
905 Loma Vista Drive Los Angeles, CA
Greystone is one of the largest mansions in Beverly Hills and an important landmark for American cinema. Originally built by oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny in 1927 as a gift to his son, Ned, Greystone now represents a golden age in American cinema. Many films, including "The Big Lebowski" and "Ghostbusters," and television shows like "General Hospital" and "Gilmore Girls" have been shot on these gothic-inspired grounds.

Today, the interior of the mansion is closed, but visitors are free to walk around the property. Many visitors call Greystone Mansion a "hidden gem" within LA, saying that it offers respite from the city's hustle and bustle. Travelers describe the park grounds as spectacular, with expertly manicured lawns, a variety of flowers, artful fountains and even a koi pond.

The grounds are open to the public every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with extended hours in the summer. There is no admission fee, and free on-site parking is available. 

Belmont Shore
Long Beach, CA
The Leeway Sailing and Aquatics Center on Alamitos Bay in Belmont Shore is a youth sailing program founded in 1929. The city claims it is one of the premier municipal instructional sailing programs in the country.

The US Sailing Center is located on the Alamitos Bay Peninsula in Long Beach. The Sailing Center offers a wide range of programs for High School, College, and Olympic sailors in addition to programs for at-risk youth through local help groups, Learn-to-Sail classes for all ages and disabled sailing opportunities through the Sailing Center's own Disabled Sailing Association.

The Belmont Shore Car Show is the largest one-day annual car show held on the west coast. The car show is typically held in September.

The Long Beach Sea Festival has ocean- and beach-related events in Belmont Shore. The festival was first staged 50 years ago with a handful of events. Currently, the Sea Festival offers around 100 events, ranging from sand castle building, to free Moonlight Movies on the Beach, to boat racing.

Since its inception in August 1964, the Congressional Cup has grown into one of the major international sailing events. Now held in April, it is the only grade 1 match race regatta held in the United States. The one-on-one race format is the same as the America's Cup, and many of the winners of the Congressional Cup have gone on to win the America's Cup as well. The event is held in the waters off Belmont Shore with spectator areas on the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier.

Kitesurfing is popular in Belmont Shore because of steady side-onshore winds (10 to 35+ knots), large open bodies of water and good launch areas.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
Earl Warren Dr, Long Beach, CA 90840
A Living Museum! Welcome to the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden on the campus of California State University, Long Beach.   The Garden is a living museum, a place of learning, art and culture for all who enter its gates. Come feed our playful koi, stroll the winding pathways, view the Tea House, or reflect at the Zen Garden.  Each season unfolds with colorful blossoms, exciting cultural celebrations, and intriguing exhibits.

Shoreline Park
Long Beach, CA
The park area between Long Beach Arena and Downtown Shoreline Marina. It is a wide open green area that is used for picnics and special events.

The National Park Service approved an exchange of a half-acre of restricted land, between the Aquarium of the Pacific and its parking lot with one acre of unrestricted land adjacent to the PE ROW. The purchase of replacement site is complete. The Aquarium of the Pacific created a classroom, a watershed exhibit, and animal husbandry center.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro, CA 90731
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a trusted resource that inspires exploration, respect and conservation of Southern California marine life.

Korean Bell of Friendship
Angels Gate Park 3601 S Gaffey Street San Pedro, CA 90731
This massive and intricately-decorated bell and pavilion was donated in 1976 to the people of Los Angeles by the people of the Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. independence, honor veterans of the Korean War, and to consolidate traditional friendship between the two countries. The bell is patterned after the Bronze Bell of King Songdok, which was cast in 771 A.D. and is still on view in South Korea today.

The bell was cast in Korea and shipped to the United States. Weighing 17 tons, with a height of twelve feet and a diameter of 7-1/2 feet, the bell is made of copper and tin, with gold, nickel, lead and phosphorous added for tone quality. When it was built, it cost the Korean people $500,000. Four pairs of figures, each pair consisting of the Goddess of Liberty holding a torch, and a Korean spirit , are engraved in relief on the body of the bell. Each of the Korean spirits holds up a different symbol: a symbolic design of the Korean flag; a branch of the rose of Sharon, Korea’s national flower; a branch of laurel, symbol of victory; and a dove of peace. The bell has no clapper but is struck from the outside with a wooden log.

The bell is set in a pagoda-like stone structure which was constructed on the site by thirty craftsmen flown in from Korea. It took them ten months and costs $569,680. The pavilion is supported by twelve columns representing the twelve designs of the Oriental zodiac. Animals stand guard at the base of each column. Recently the Korean Bell underwent extensive renovation and restoration. On January 10, 2014 the Tarps were removed .

Resting peacefully on the knoll overlooking the sea gate from which U.S. troops sailed into the Pacific, the bell site affords an unsurpassed view of the Los Angeles harbor, the Catalina Channel and the sea terraces of San Pedro hill. The bell is rung each year on: Independence day, July 4, National Liberation Day of Korea, August 15, 9:00a.m.-12 Noon and New Year’s Eve, September 17 to coincide with bell ringings around the country to celebrate Constitution week, also on January 13 for Korean-American Day. The Bell is also rung 13 times on the 1st Saturday of the month at 11:30 a.m.

Point Fermin Lighthouse
807 W. Paseo Del Mar San Pedro, CA 90731
Built in 1874, the Point Fermin Lighthouse was the first navigational light into the San Pedro Bay. Phineas Banning, with the support of many local businessmen, petitioned the Federal Government and the US lighthouse Board to place a lighthouse on the point in 1854. Although the Lighthouse Board agreed funding and land disputes delayed its construction until 1874.

Paul J. Pelz, a draftsman for the US Lighthouse Board, designed the Stick Style Victorian lighthouse. The design was used for six lighthouses built between 1873 and 1874, of which three are still standing, East Brothers in San Francisco Bay, Hereford Light in New Jersey, and Point Fermin. The Stick Style is an early Victorian architectural style and is simpler in design and decoration than the later high Victorian period. It is characterized by its gabled roofs, horizontal siding, decorative cross beams and hand carved porch railings.

Redondo County Beach
Pearl St and Esplanade, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Set along the Hollywood Riviera, Redondo County Beach is a 1.5-mile-long sandy beach along the city’s waterfront that begins at the Redondo Beach Pier near Veterans Park and continues south. Hailed as the ‘LA's Ocean Adventure Capitol,’ the beach is a popular attraction for outdoor lovers and offers an array of activities from volleyball courts, surfing, swimming and fishing to walking and mountain biking along the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail. Amenities at the beach include picnic areas with tables, restrooms and showers, a grassy park, children’s play area, and on-duty lifeguards on duty.

Download a copy of these awesome places!

7 Tips When Hiring A Contractor

Regardless of whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel or a complete house renovation, the success or failure of the project will depend on the contractor you hire. Choosing the right contractor is easier than you think, but you have to do your due diligence.

  1. Check their License – Make sure you check their contractor’s license and that it’s in good standing. Ask and check those of the subcontractors as well. • Insurance – Ask for proof of insurance and check that it’s still active and valid.

  2. Insurance – Ask for proof of insurance and check that it’s still active and valid.

  3. Check References – Ask for references and call them. Ask to go see a project or two and ask strong questions about timing, quality, responsiveness and cost.

  4. Get it In Writing – Finalize the scope of work before you start anything, in writing. A proper contract should be on letterhead and include clear timelines and benchmarks, as well as payment schedules and how completion will be signed off.

  5. Do not Pay for Materials – If you absolutely have to pay for materials, have them delivered to your property and verify the receipt to show they were delivered in full.

  6. Only Pay the Contractor – Under no circumstances should you make a payment to anyone other than the contractor itself. Do not pay a person, only the company.

  7. Final Payment only When Satisfied – Do not make the final payment until you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Things To Do In Los Angeles This Weekend (August 2-4)

Lala's August Graphics (1).png

Hey LA! Here’s your weekly list of fun, upcoming events! This week we’re super excited about seeing the FREE Music Series in several parts of town and the FREE Debbie Allen Dance Event. Never miss a thing in Los Angeles to get a list of events emailed weekly, join us here: bit.ly/sanpedroevents

August 3rd, 2019 - 6PM
2019 Summer of Music Free Concerts On The Pier
121 W Torrance Blvd #103 Redondo Beach, CA
Theme: 1969 Classic Rock
The Redondo Pier Association is pleased to announce the 2019 Summer of Music Free Concerts on The Pier, July 4 - August 31, 2019. The free concert series kicks off on the 4th of July at 6:00 - 8:00 P.M with a performance by South Bay local indie rock band, Big Mess. This year, the first concert will be followed by the annual fireworks display beginning at 9:00 P.M. The fireworks can be viewed for free from Redondo Beach Pier. Parking will be a $20.00 flat rate on July 4th and all other times, parking at the Redondo Beach Pier (north or south structures), is $2.00 per hour. On Saturday, July 6th Redondo Pier is excited to welcome Australian rocker Hamish Anderson.

August 3rd, 2019 - 7PM
Midsummer Scream
300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach CA
Midsummer Scream, the largest Halloween and horror convention, returns August 3-4, 2019 to the Long Beach Convention Center for a weekend of chilling delights. More than 20,000 fans of all things macabre will descend on Southern California from near and far to witness and participate in Midsummer’s biggest production yet, returning for its fourth year to Los Angeles. Midsummer Scream features unparalleled presentations all weekend. The show features exclusive productions by Southern California’s major Halloween destinations including Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor - as they unveil what horrific surprises they have in store for the Halloween season!

August 3rd, 2019 - 11AM-7PM
Matamoska at Long Beach Vegan Festival Free Event
The Pine Outlets 95 S Pine Ave Long Beach, CA
Unsound Sunday
A Bear with A Car on Top
Surfabilly Cats
All Day Event - Starts at 11am
FREE ALL AGES - Delish vegan food will be sold here too!

August 3rd, 2019 - 11AM-7PM
Helen Keller Park - 12521 Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90044
The Music Escape Festival is hosting a Free Taco Bar catered by Taco Mell Catering

Free Tacos First 100 people
Event details

  • Free Entry

  • Free Food/Drinks for first 100 people

  • Free Entertainment

  • Music

  • Photo Booth

  • Face Paint

  • Giveaways

On Saturday August 3, 2019 from 3:00pm-6:30pm we are hosting our 2nd annual Music Escape Festival in partnership with Los Angeles County Parks After Dark. This is a free, family event that everyone can enjoy!

Music will continue from 6:30pm-10:00pm with a Jazz Concert hosted by Parks After Dark.

August 3rd, 2019 - 7PM-10PM
Marina del Rey's Free Summer Concert Series: Pop Saturdays
Burton Chace Park 136505 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey, CA
Jon Batiste (Jazz) RSVP on Eventbright

Summertime offers a lot of fun opportunities on the Los Angeles Westside, and one undoubtable favorite is the Marian del Rey Free Summer Concert Series. Yep - FREE! Grab your family, a picnic dinner, and a blanket or low profile beach chair and make your way to Burton Chace Park for this popular event series. The 10-acre park is surrounded on three sides by the water, so come early for picture taking and to stroll the perimeter walking path. On alternating Saturdays expect a mis of pop music groups, including alt-rock, indie and folk.

August 3rd, 2019 - 11AM-1PM
South Bay Free Tour Day
White Point Park 1801 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA
This class will be shortened as our typical class time is 5hrs (Location is TBD- this class will be located close to the coast on the Palos Verdes Peninsula). Join your child and experience the rhythm of our day, see our philosophy in action, observe how we interact with your child, meet other families interested in enrolling their child this school year, meet the mentors and the program director, and ask any questions you may have.

August 3rd, 2019 - 7PM
KCRW 1660 Stewart St Santa Monica, CA
FREE. ALL AGES. OUTDOORS. KCRW is throwing 3 Summer Nights parties at our HQ! Doors are at 7:00pm KCRW DJ Anne Litt will open the evening with some late-summer soul.

August 3rd, 2019
Debbie Allan Dance Academy - FREE Ages 8+
3791 Santa Rosalia Drive Los Angeles, CA 90008
310.281.9145 - Call for full details

August 4th, 2019 - 5PM-7PM
FREE Huntington Beach Concert Band Summer Series
Huntington Beach Central Park 18381 Goldenwest St Huntington Beach CA
Kelly Rae Band - plays a wide range of country music from the most current artists topping country tunes and classic favorites.

August 4th, 2019 - 2PM-4PM
Jazz on the Lawn 1819 Steward St Santa Monica, CA
At this family friendly series, kids dance, run around on the grass, and play in the playground. Rotating food trucks and dessert trucks are featured each week.

Families can bring a picnic, blanket and beach chair and enjoy a sampling of free jazz in Santa Monica's Gandara Park (formerly Stewart Street Park) each Sunday in August from 5-7pm. Family activities start at 4pm and run until 7pm.

Free Parking is available after 3:30pm in the Agensys parking lot located north of the park at 1800 Stewart Street.
Handicap Parking is available in the Gandara Park lot located at 1836 Stewart Street.
Free Bike Valet is available in the Gandara Park lot located at 1836 Stewart Street.

Things Always Find A Way....

Lala's August Graphics.png

Things always find a way of working themselves out no matter the circumstances. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect home, but things don’t work out, just know that there’s something even better just around the corner! I’m committed to being an advocate for my clients, and helping you throughout the entire process. It’s what I’m here for!

South Bay Farmer's Markets - Taste The Summer!

There is nothing like fresh veggies and fruits! Vine ripened tomatoes are my absolute favorite!

Here is a list of South Bay Farmer’s Market - Go get your shopping on!

Thursday’s 10am-3pm
20700 Avalon Blvd., Carson

Hermosa Beach
Wednesday’s 11am-4pm
Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Long Beach
Tuesday’s 3pm-8pm
Bixby Park on Junipero Ave. between 1st & 2nd St., Long Beach

Long Beach - Cal State
Every Other Wednesday - 10am-2pm
1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach

Long Beach - Bixby Knolls
Thursday’s 3pm-6:30pm
Bixby Knolls Park, E. 46th Street and Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach

Long Beach - Spring Street
Friday’s 10am-6pm
Spring St. & Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach

Long Beach - Downtown City Place Shopping Center
Friday’s 10am-3pm
Third Street and Pacific Ave., Long Beach

Long Beach - Old McDonald's
Sunday’s 8am-2:30pm
5000 E. Spring St., Long Beach

Long Beach - Alamitos Bay Marina
Sunday’s 9am-2pm
6530 Marina Dr., Long Beach

Manhattan Beach
Tuesday’s 11am-4pm
13th Street and Morningside Drive, Manhattan Beach

Palos Verdes
Sunday’s 9am-1pm
Peninsula Center, Hawthorne Boulevard and Silver Spur Road, Palos Verdes

Redondo Beach
Thursday’s 8am-1pm
Veteran's Park, 309 Esplanade, Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach - Riviera Village
Friday’s 3pm-7pm
Avenue I between Catalina Avenue and the Esplanade, Redondo Beach

San Pedro
Friday’s 9am-2pm
6th Street (Pacific/Mesa)

Tuesday’s 8am-1pm
Saturday’s 8am-1pm
Charles H. Wilson Park, 2200 Crenshaw Blvd. between W. Carson Street and Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance

Download a FREE copy of this info:

Photo by ja ma on Unsplash

Things To Do In San Pedro This Weekend (July 26-28, 2019)

Honey  Bar July Graphics (7).png

Hey San Pedro! Here’s your weekly list of fun, upcoming events! This week we’re super excited about seeing Old Fire Station Museum and Mary Star Of The Sea Fiesta. Never miss a thing in San Pedro to get a list of events emailed weekly, join us here: bit.ly/sanpedroevents

July 26, 2019
Farmer’s Market
6th Street & Mesa St

Historic Downtown San Pedro is just steps away from the waterfront and features a collage of architecture, shopping, dining, art, entertainment and browsing. With its small town atmosphere and many family-owned businesses, Historic Downtown San Pedro reminds many of the neighborhood of their youth. A wonderful time to experience Historic Down Town San Pedro is on every Friday of the month when Historic Downtown San Pedro Local Harvest Farmers’ Market is open between 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. Every Friday is unique at this event with local musicians performing while you shop for Certified California Grown farm fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. You can also enjoy fresh hot fare from one of our many vendors, gourmet specialty foods and treats along with shopping for that special something from one of the arts & crafts vendors.

July 27, 2019
Pirate Booster Car Show
1001 W 15th St San Pedro, CA 90731

July 26-28, 2019
The Sound Of Music-Warner Grand (310.548.2493
478 W 6th St, San Pedro, CA 90731
The final collaboration between Rodgers & Hammerstein, the Sound of Music has become a play beloved around the world. Based on the true story of the Von Trapp Family Singers, this play captures a personal tale of growth and hope amidst the horrors of World War II. Directed by Summer Cacciagioni, with vocal direction by Anna DeMasi.

  • Friday, July 26, 2019
    7:30 PM

  • Saturday, July 27, 2019
    2:00 PM
    7:30 PM

  • Sunday, July 28, 2019
    2:00 PM

July 26-28, 2019
The Nerd-Little Fish Theatre (310.831.2928)
777 Centre Street San Pedro, CA 90731

This side-splitting comedy is about a young architect, Willum, whose life was saved by a stranger during the Vietnam War. When his lifesaver comes to visit, everything that can go wrong does. His hero turns out to be an incredibly inept, hopelessly dumb “nerd”. Upon realizing that Rick will overstay his welcome with a vengeance, Willum puts together an outrageous plan to rid himself of this wacky GI who came to dinner. ”A neatly crafted package that brings the audience to its knees, laughing.” – THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL

Individuals: $28; Seniors: $26 (60+)
First Look Tickets: $24 (Preview night of each production; no other discounts)
Whale & Ale Dinner/Theatre Tickets: $45

All seats open seating except for season subscribers.
Note ticket purchases via sister Shakespeare by the Sea Web Site.

July 19, 2019
Shakespeare by the Sea-Point Fermin Park (310-217-7596)
807 W Paseo Del Mar San Pedro, CA 90731
The Comedy of Errors:
A classic Shakespearean romp of mistaken identity-it’s mischief and mayhem galore! Two young visitors arrive in the city unaware that their long-lost twins already live there. Over the course of a single day, everything that can go wrong does go wrong: a marriage at breaking point, a missing gold chain, an unpaid debt, and a dubious arrest. It’s mischief and mayhem galore!

July 27, 2019-FREE
Old Fire Station Museum #38 Open House (323-464-2727)
Harbor Fire Station Museum, 639 S Harbor Blvd San Pedro, CA 90731

Vintage Fire Fighting equipment on display at the Old Fire Station in the San Pedro City Municipal Building. Volunteers are happy to answer all your questions. There's a lot of exhibits packed into a small space.

July 27, 2019-FREE
San Castle Building Day-Cabrillo Beach
3720 Stephen M. White Drive San Pedro, CA 90731
Relive your favorite memories and create new ones during Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s Family Sandcastle Building Day.

All you need to bring is your best sandcastle building tools, a little shovel and bucket, and your castle creativity to this fun beach event. The sand on Cabrillo Beach will be thoroughly wet down to prepare for sand construction; the rest is up to you!

All castle styles are welcome: moats, draw bridges, spires, windows, turrets, let your imagination run wild, but most importantly, have a great time at the beach with family and loved ones. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture Kodak moments and your sandcastle handiwork.

This is a free event open to everyone.

July 28, 2019
David Boswell-Alvas Showroom
1417 W. Eighth Street San Pedro, CA 90732

“A guitar innovator, a brilliant virtuoso, David has long had a musical vision of his own, and he has developed into a significant composer. While the music on Windows can be called modern jazz and at times shows the influence of Pat Metheny (who made a strong impact on Boswell in his early days), the results are quite original and beyond simple classification as anything but creative music. Often cinematic, the playing is lyrical and melodic, and the performances are unpredictable, surprising, and filled with rich melodies and colorful ensembles. His music has often been heard on smooth jazz radio stations, yet it really is beyond description, fusing together his previous musical experiences with his own fresh ideas to form a new type of 21st century jazz.” ~ Scott Yanow – Jazz Historian/Journalist/Author of The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide

“Boswell brings chops, class and style.” Guitar Player Magazine

Currently, David is in the studio recording music for his sixth record which is being co- produced by Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Jeff Lorber Fusion) and will feature Scott Kinsey, MB Gordy, Otmaro Ruiz, Gary Novack, Mitchell Forman, and Andy Snitzer with Haslip on bass. It will be released in 2019. Boswell is also recording additional singles for his Singles Project.

*If you have a local event you would like to add please email all details to: Laura@LauraKey.net (it’s FREE)

Things To Do In San Pedro This Weekend (July 19-21, 2019)

Things To Do This Weekend! (July 19-21, 2019)

Things To Do This Weekend! (July 19-21, 2019)

Hey San Pedro! Here’s your weekly list of fun, upcoming events! This week we’re super excited about seeing Old Fire Station Museum and Mary Star Of The Sea Fiesta. Never miss a thing in San Pedro to get a list of events emailed weekly, join us here: bit.ly/sanpedroevents

July 19-21, 2019
Mary Star Of The Sea Fiesta (310.833.3541 x203)
870 W 8th St San Pedro, CA 90731
Friday: 5pm to Midnight
Saturday: Noon to Midnight
Sunday: Noon to 10pm

Bring the entire family for a full weekend of fun, food, bingo and carnival rides! Crowning of the Fiesta Queen will be Saturday 7:30 pm. Three different homemade dinners will be served in the parish auditorium all three nights. Free Parking and Free Admission all three days.

July 19, 2019
Comedy in Old San Pedro-Machine Art Studio (310.831.2928)
446 W 6th St San Pedro, CA 90731

Hosted by: Mike Muratore The Serial Killer of Comedy Starring The Comedic talents of: Nebeel The Extremist David Burger Adam Richmond Allene Quincy The San Pedro Art Association is proud to provide this fun show to the people of San Pedro and beyond. Adults only 18 and over Tickets

July 19, 2019
The Nerd-Little Fish Theatre (310.831.2928)
777 Centre Street San Pedro, CA 90731

This side-splitting comedy is about a young architect, Willum, whose life was saved by a stranger during the Vietnam War. When his lifesaver comes to visit, everything that can go wrong does. His hero turns out to be an incredibly inept, hopelessly dumb “nerd”. Upon realizing that Rick will overstay his welcome with a vengeance, Willum puts together an outrageous plan to rid himself of this wacky GI who came to dinner. ”A neatly crafted package that brings the audience to its knees, laughing.” – THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL

Individuals: $28; Seniors: $26 (60+)
First Look Tickets: $24 (Preview night of each production; no other discounts)
Whale & Ale Dinner/Theatre Tickets: $45

All seats open seating except for season subscribers.
Note ticket purchases via sister Shakespeare by the Sea Web Site.

July 19, 2019
Shakespeare by the Sea-Point Fermin Park (310-217-7596)
807 W Paseo Del Mar San Pedro, CA 90731
The Comedy of Errors:
A classic Shakespearean romp of mistaken identity-it’s mischief and mayhem galore! Two young visitors arrive in the city unaware that their long-lost twins already live there. Over the course of a single day, everything that can go wrong does go wrong: a marriage at breaking point, a missing gold chain, an unpaid debt, and a dubious arrest. It’s mischief and mayhem galore!

July 20, 2019-FREE
Old Fire Station Museum #38 Open House (323-464-2727)
Harbor Fire Station Museum, 639 S Harbor Blvd San Pedro, CA 90731

Vintage Fire Fighting equipment on display at the Old Fire Station in the San Pedro City Municipal Building. Volunteers are happy to answer all your questions. There's a lot of exhibits packed into a small space.

July 20, 2019
Experimental Artists of the South Bay-The Loft (310-245-0517)
The Loft 401 S Mesa St San Pedro, CA 90731

EASB is a group of artists whose primary purpose is to promote the development of innovative and creative art through demonstration and interactive workshops and encourage experimentation with new methods, materials and techniques to enhance and invigorate their work. EASB embraces the values of the arts community: encouraging the creative process, making social statement and personal expression, and contributing to the evolution of the imagination. (Various Participating Artists)

July 20, 2019-FREE
Family Nature Walk-White Pt Nature Preserve
1600 W Paseo del Mar San Pedro, CA 90731

Family Nature Walk with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy at the White Point Nature Preserve, Saturday, July 20th, 11 am. Everyone in the family will enjoy a Naturalist guided walk through our Tongva Demonstration Garden where you’ll learn how early inhabitants used native plants for survival. Then walk through beautifully restored coastal sage scrub habitat with views of Catalina. For those interested in the military history of the area, continue to walk up to a WWII gun emplacement. Stay to explore the Nature Education Center. Free and appropriate for all ages. Stroller friendly. Leashed dogs welcome. 1600 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro. RSVP at: www.pvplc.org, Events & Activities

*If you have a local event you would like to add please email all details to: Laura@LauraKey.net (it’s FREE)