Los Angeles BABY....

I made it!  Road dust behind me, new beginnings before me!  I was one tired Realty Goddess there for a minute!  I had the pups as my road warriors and we had some good fun but now we are now in "LaLa" land.  Our first night was off to a bumpy start.  When we arrived I had to find a hotel.  I was surprised to see most of them charge up to $25 extra for each dog!  REALLY???  They are Shih Tzu's people!  Both of them together don't make one medium dog!  We got past that hurdle...thank God for www.hotels.com!

After some really good rest and relaxation I was ready to hit the day.  Time to find a place to live!  I got up early, hit the craigslist posts and lined up my day!  Going from homeowner to renter is quite the shock.  Especially in LA where you pay more in rent than you do for your mortgage and you only get a fourth of the square footage. 

First order of the day "Koreatown".  I like the area but the parking situation is an eye opening experience.  I found a few good places but how am I going to deal with two cars?  Sigh...well, a couple of possibilities but no dice just yet.

Today is North Hollywood (NoHo) and West Hollywood (WeHo).  We shall see what the day brings!

You always hear stories of the traffic in LA.  Yes it's pretty bad, I was in traffic at 9:30pm on a Saturday night, but for right now I am cool with it.  We will see how I feel about it when I have appointments to get to!  We will save that story for another day.

I have been told by many people that I need to put my "LA" face on.  Everyone who knows me also knows I have a soft heart and I still have the Prospect, Ky mentality. I don't really know what an "LA Face" is right now.  I just know I hit the ground running and found I needed to still step up my speed a little bit! (smile)

It's alright, this Realty Goddess is protected by much larger hands than people know!

Peace, love and blessings from the Realty Goddess!

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