Something about Night Driving....

What a whirlwind I am in.  Not a bad thing, just a "moving forward" type of life change.  Last night after packing all the final boxes and taking care of the final loose ends, my pups and I jumped on the road to a new life.  Most people I know don't like to drive in the dark, but me...well there is something about it that refreshes me.  Sure I was tired, I drove for about four hours before it was time to pull over, but it was time and when you listen to your heart, it will tell you things you don't second guess.

We hugged our neighbors necks - hard - in these last few days.  I let the tears flow as I remembered all the memories we created together.  Our neighborhood has changed over nine years.  We've had old friends move, new friends move in, kids graduate, and some special spirits make their final life transition.  I thought of all these things as I drove down I-70 in the dark.  The darkness covered me and allowed me to wrap myself in the comfort of letting tears flow.  It was so appropriate, I don't recall seeing the moonlight at all.  Maybe Mr. Moon decided he would give me a little time behind the wheel in peace.

Colorado has beautiful mountains, they can take your breath away if you just sit and look at them sometimes.  But my night driving kept my mind focused on the things flittering through my mind.  Even the wildlife along the way knew to just stay clear of me.  I had to be allowed to plow through without the guilt of harming one of God's creatures.  Even the little bunny, who was directly in my path dashed quickly back into the whirlwind of tall grasses.  Whew... I thought he was going to be "SPLAT" but I (or should I say "it") was spared.  All in all it was a refreshing and cleansing night. I let it all go as I slipped past the mile markers.  Memories of a beautiful place and wonderful friendships. 

Finally it was time to rest these weary bones and find a spot to lay it all down.  God is good and I can't say it enough.  I thanked Him as I closed my eyes and let it all slip into dreamland. "Today was a good day" was my last thoughts.

This morning I awake refreshed, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  My pups greeted me with love (as always) and we just sat for a while in silence.  Silence - sometimes you just need silence!  Silence OVER....Up and at em, wash the night away in a warm stream and get on with the day.

As I sit here, sharing a little piece of my life with you, I am sitting with two warm pups at my feet, a warm morning breeze blowing across my skin and the sunlight rays soaking through my smiling face.  What lies ahead is an adventure.  Something new, something exciting.  New friends, new memories and blessings -- Look at me!  I am going to be a California girl!  I'm not sure Cali is ready for me but I am going to take the bull by the horns and reach for the dreams I have floating in my heart.  For's a new day....and it's going to be a new life!

There is something about day driving....but that story is for another day!

Peace, blessings and love from the Realty Goddess!

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