The Joy's of Moving...NOT!

When will this ever end?  In just a few short days we are pulling out of Denver yet I stand here in the AM among open boxes, rooms still not completely packed and I am losing my mind.  How on earth do  my real estate clients do it? 

I spent some time with a wonderful neighbor yesterday and she said she has moved 26 times in her life!  WHAT????  Please...moving gods, shoot me now!  I do not EVER want to do this again. 

Funny how you can build a ton of things you think might be of value to you someday! Sure...I really needed that button from a dress I wore in 2000!  Hey, you never know when that stuff might come in handy, right?  NOT!  At one point, I stood in the middle of the kitchen, shut my eyes tight and screamed out "I NEVER WANT THIS MUCH CRAP AGAIN"  I must admit, it felt GOOD to let that out with so much emotion!  However, somewhere in that scream my secret desire was that everything would magically pack itself!  When I opened my was still there. I guess there are no moving fairies.

Oh do things to help keep you moving along.  The iPod is on constant play.  I'm working and packing to Prince, Adelle, Rolls Royce, Busta Rhymes and a music variety that would make your head spin, but I keep finding stuff that I don't need and the packing tape makes my hands numb and we have YET to book the truck, AND THE BOXES KEEP COMING AND COMING AND COMING....(breathing heavy now) Ok, 1-2-3 breathe in...breathe out....*sigh*  Now where is  my permanent marker, I gotta mark these boxes or else I will never know what I packed!

Maybe I can take a nap at some point today...oh wait...we sold the bed! How refreshing to know I can share my madness with you!

Until next time my precious, peace and blessings from the Realty Goddess.