Quick Road Trips From LA Worth Taking

There’s nothing quite like loading up the back of your car, and taking a break from life for a few days. Road trips are always a great solution to a stressful everyday life. And driving from LA, there quite a few short trips that you can take that will not only give you the scenery change that you need but also reinvigorate you. Here are a few quick road trips from LA that you can take that are within a day’s drive.

San Francisco

This lovely city is about 382 miles away from downtown LA and only takes a few hours to reach (between five to six depending on traffic). However, if you want to draw the trip out over the course of a few days, there are plenty of stops you can make on the way.

Sometimes, taking a road trip is not about the destination, but the journey. Highway 1, Pacific Coast Highway, was recognized by National Geographic as one of the Best American Road Trips. Judging by the picturesque scenery offered on this route, it’s definitely one road you need to cruise down in a sporty car.

Stop by Santa Monica for a short beach trip, where you can also visit the famous Santa Monica Pier. The pier is a popular destination both during the day and night.

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting on the way to San Francisco, check out Solvang. Approximately two hours from LA through 101 North is this Historic Danish village in Santa Barbara county. The village is a quaint little town, where you can enjoy the local culture. Solvang is the perfect place to stop for a bite, as there are plenty of local eateries to enjoy.

The trip to San Francisco is perfect for ocean lovers, as there are gorgeous waterside spots dotted along the coast where you can stop en route to your destination.

Joshua Tree

If you aren’t interested in the beach, try going away from the coast. 2-3 hours east from LA lies the ecological marvel Joshua Tree. Affectionately dubbed J-Tree by many locals, this town sits where the high Mojave Desert meets the low Colorado desert. Joshua Tree is rich with gorgeous desert flora, majestic mountains, gold mine ruins, and plenty of boulders. The picturesque desert backdrop offers visitors and residents alike stunning views, where colorful sunsets melt into night skies that are brilliantly dotted with stars.

If you’re looking for choice destinations to stop by on the way, try Palm Springs and Coachella Valley first. Palm Springs is a premiere desert resort destination that’s teeming with personality. Here you can stop for a bite to eat, check out the local attractions, or if you’re really into stopping and smelling the roses, going for a hike. Make sure you fill up your gas tank and restock on snacks before driving off again.

Las Vegas

At first glance, you wouldn’t really consider skipping state lines but let this sink in: Las Vegas is an average of 4 hours away from LA. That’s a perfect weekend trip for a variety of occasions like birthdays or if you really need to get out of the city for a few days. There are also plenty of cool and eclectic attractions for you to check out as well. Some stops include Palm Springs and Joshua Tree!

However, if you have time for it, take exit 153a near D Street and take the historic Route 66 from Victorville to Barstow. On this leg of the trip, you’ll encounter a variety of cool stops like vintage diners, an ostrich farm, and even the Bottletree Ranch. The Bottletree Ranch is a fabulous collection of metal trees embellished with glass bottles; it makes for an interesting addition to your trip. Some other stops include the Route 66 Museum, Train Car McDonald’s, and Calico Ghost Town.

Regardless of where your destination is, these journeys are guaranteed to offer you a great time with unforgettable memories.