6 Unique Fitness Facilities & Gyms Near San Pedro, CA

San Pedro, California is a gorgeous, sun kissed town that demands energy and athleticism to experience it in all its glory. While going to the gym and lifting your standard weights is healthy, it can be boring for some. Finding a unique way to break a sweat will always help keep your commitment strong and will also keep the workouts more interesting.

The big question is — where can you find these unique fitness facilities? Good news, you came to the right place! Here are some of the top unique places you can get your workout on in San Pedro, California:

1. All Fit

If you want to see results fast, All Fit is your place. They have created many success stories for a lot of people that need to find the self discipline to get to the gym. They even offer a secret 6-week challenge that cultivates positive and healthy changes in participants lives. If that doesn’t spark interest, than I don’t know what does! Their deals are kept up-to-date here, so take a peek at their site if you are interested in joining.

2. Casa Ayurveda & Yoga

Finding zen and getting fit go hand in hand. Having your time to meditate and relax daily is crucial and yoga provides that and more; yoga simultaneously enhances your flexibility, athleticism, and clarity of thinking.

At Casa Ayurveda & Yoga, you can expect to find those fitness yoga classes that keep and maintain your attention. These workouts will be centered around your body so the only requirement you will need will be your own yoga mat and you.

If you are on the fence about trying yoga, try doing a day session. Take note how you feel at the end of class until the end of the day. Most likely, you will enjoy the feeling of clarity and come back for more!

3. Elite Training Fitness

If you’re looking to get a personal trainer or participate in group training workouts, look no further than Elite Training Fitness. From dance to crossfit to athletic training and flexibility, their friendly and professional personal trainers have the expertise to offer unique training programs for every customer.

With no contracts, no sign up fees, and no cancelation fees, it’s a unique San Pedro fitness facility that you should definitely try. Try a bootcamp class or a fitness class and see if this Elite Training Fitness is a good fit for you.

4. San Pedro Fight Club

Adrenaline can be addicting. That slow motion, heart pounding feeling is something you don’t get to experience very often. This is the feeling you get when you learn how to defend yourself against both armed and unarmed opponents at the San Pedro Fight Club. Learning how to defend yourself correctly requires great amounts of self discipline and hard work, but will have you feeling confident and healthy as ever.

The workouts will mostly consist of using your body to learn takedowns, ground grappling, and conditioning. From Jiu-Jitsu to Judo to Marine Corps Martial Arts, this mix will keep you coming back for more and keep you in prime shape for any sort of self defense.

5. Heyday Elite Fitness & CrossFit

Crossfit is the workout to rule them all. Once you get going, it is hard to pull the reins and stop! This especially applies to HeyDay Elite Fitness & CrossFit. What makes this gym unique is the outdoor training on beautiful days, and the family like environment to keep people coming back and feeling apart of a group. The training is more on the crossfit side. No need to fear though, their beginner class in non intimidating and perfect for people ready to develop a fit lifestyle! It is always a fantastic feeling when you get to work out and have a feeling of belonging.

6. Haley Clark Dance Company

Nothing can get your blood flowing quite like some good music can. You put that rhythm in with a few steps, jumps, pops, twirls, and waves and then you have a recipe for a fantastic workout! Dancing is such a good way to get just about every muscle in your body exercising. At Haley Clark Dance Company, you can expect to learn a few moves of your own that will keep you in rhythm and exercising. You can choose from hip hop, fitness classes, all around classes, and even pole dancing! Get the exercise you were looking for while having the time of your life!

San Pedro has Plenty of Fitness Options

Finding a good gym experience requires taking a good look at yourself. What exercises do you like? Do you want to workout alone or with others? What kind of exercise helps you keep going without giving up? Asking yourself these simple questions can help you to narrow down options to your exact choice. Most importantly, it is about execution.

It’s time to throw on your favorite fleece sweatpants, get yourself into one of these facilities and get to work! Taking care of your health through fitness and eating clean, nutritious foods will go a long way to ensuring you get the most out of living life in beautiful San Pedro.

If you’re looking to move anywhere in the San Pedro area, contact Laura Key at 310-866-8422 today!