National Cheeseburger Day - Here Are My Top Three

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Sept 18th is National Cheeseburger Day! Don't worry if your reading this late! It is WORTH YOUR time! πŸ˜œβ β €

I have a few places I want to share with you for my favorite belly busters.⁠⠀

If you haven't' tried them it's the perfect day to try something new.⁠⠀
1. The Counter: When we first moved to LA one of the first places we stopped to eat was The Counter! I was blown away. You can customize your burger and stack it high! Have a big appetite you can choose a full pound of meat! Not that I can eat that, but it's your prerogative. You can eat here daily for a year and not repeat the same burger twice. With so many options your tummy will be asking for more. I tend to like things on the spicy side, so I get the pepper jack cheese and load it up with jalapenos and other goodies. My burger is sheer PERFECTION. @thecounterburger⁠⠀
2. Rock And Brews: This place is just FUN! Anything that is centered around good music has my business! This is a marriage made in heaven - Good Food and Good Music! I must admit their menu is pretty impressive. Give their FIREBALL BURGER a try! It will help you hit those high notes. @rockandbrews⁠⠀
3. The Standing Room: I visit the Redondo Beach location but they have one in Hermosa Beach as well. The Bull Burger is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The fusion between Korean and American is perfection. It is bulgogi, kimchee, caramelized onion, shishito pepper, spring mix, cheddar, american, kimchee dip! OM..GEEEEE! pair it with some sweet potato fries and call it a wrap! @thestandingroomrb⁠⠀
So if you are in a rut with your cheeseburger life, it's time to switch it up! Hit up these places and come back and let me know what YOUR favorite CHEESEBURGER was!⁠⠀

Bon appetit!⁠