Here’s the Inside Story on How to Prep Your House for Sale


Image courtesy of Pixabay

When it comes time to sell your house, most sellers hope for a quick, generous and solid offer. After all, your home is one of your biggest investments and your main goal is to get top dollar.

Before you can list, however, it’s critical that you prep your home inside and out. With some tools, apps and elbow grease, you can make your home appealing to buyers and get that great offer you’re hoping for. 

Deep Clean and Declutter

Cleaning and decluttering are the top tasks you can complete with a minimal budget to boost your showings and maybe your sales price. Presenting your home as clean and tidy is key in catching buyers’ eyes. In fact, some experts say that deep cleaning and decluttering should be your top priority. Not only do these two simple and inexpensive things help make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but you also get a great return on your investment. If you elect to do the cleaning yourself, be thorough. Make sure everything sparkles and is free of dust, grime, odors, and mildew, from the ceiling fan blades to the window trim and floorboards. If time is an issue, turn to professionals who can quickly get your home clean from top to bottom. If you’re in the market for a cleaning service, turn to an app like Tidy to connect you with pros who are carefully selected and background-checked.

When it comes to decluttering, Parade recommends putting away all the things that are personal to you. This way, buyers can better envision living in your home. Store all your knickknacks, photos, books, and personal decor items. Consider it an opportunity to jumpstart packing. Box things up and store them—if there’s a lot, consider filling a storage container than can be delivered to your new home once you move. Maxing out your closets and other storage can make it look like your home doesn’t offer enough room. Less is more when it comes to attracting buyers, and your home will appear more spacious and easy to organize. If organizing and depersonalizing feel overwhelming, turn to apps like Sortly or Decluttr.

Neutralize Colors

Another way to help buyers see themselves in your house is to neutralize your decor. In addition to carpet, neutralize the walls that may not have mass appeal. Choose a light, neutral color scheme that is easy for potential buyers to work with. Opt for shades of greige, which, as Better Homes & Gardens explains, is the hottest trend in interior colors. It’s a happy blend of gray and beige, the best of both worlds -- whether you go subtle or strong, greige is versatile and goes with everything.  If you need a little extra help sifting through paint colors, try out the Color Snap Visualizer app from Sherwin-Williams, which allows you to easily try a variety of shades to help choose the best one.

Boost Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers will see, and as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With this in mind, start by sprucing up your landscaping. Trim your shrubbery, put flowers by your front door, and fix any minor issues with walkways or the driveway that will detract from its curb appeal. Add a fresh coat of paint on your front door and garage door, and if your porch, deck, or patio are looking shabby, give them a refresher as well. Wash your siding, shutters, and gutters, and fix anything that is loose or damaged. You can also quickly boost your home’s curb appeal with a new entry doorknob and house numbers. Throw out your old welcome mat and buy a new one, and if it’s looking a little worse for wear, clean or replace your mailbox. When it comes to repairs, turn to apps like the Family Handyman app to help you zero in on supplies, timeframe and instructions.

It feels like a lot of work to get your home ready for sale, and it is! And that’s before you even get to the showing and possible negotiating process. Make your life easier by turning to professionals and apps to assist you every step of the way; you need all the help you can get. If your smartphone is hanging on by a thread, you could have trouble running some of the newer apps, which begs the question of whether it’s time for a new device. Don’t let an old smartphone stand between you and your main goal. You can easily snag a deal on the all-new iPhone 11 (now with more color options) or the latest Android powerhouse the Samsung 10. The right device in your pocket can help you manage your life, your home sale and even make it easy for your realtor to reach you when that offer comes in. 

Selling your home is too important to neglect making proper preparations. Look for apps or pros to help you deep clean, declutter, neutralize the decor, and boost your home’s curb appeal. Act on these insider tips and you’re sure to get a great offer much faster!