The Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods with the Most Personality

Los Angeles is a seemingly eternal expanse of concrete and asphalt. This urban environment retains a rich, diverse culture that stretches back hundreds of eventful years. It’s beauty in the form of beaches, bricks, colors, and people combines to create a spectacular mosaic.

It is undoubtedly a city, but LA’s sheer openness differentiates itself from places like Seattle, Chicago, and New York. Those places are built tall and centralized, while LA is vast and largely open. The many neighborhoods that make up LA all have their own personality, here is a guide to the best of them:

Find Everything You Need Downtown

Although LA is not known for its skyline, skyscrapers can be found in the downtown area. But the real beauty of Los Angeles is the expansive nature of the city.

However, while you’re in the area, you have to see Walt Disney Concert Hall in the heart of downtown. Spanning over three and a half acres, the stainless steel exterior speaks to the creative spirit that is so evident in this city. The venue is an iconic Los Angeles landmark and a dream to play in for musicians all over the world.

If you prefer to sip cocktails while reliving your childhood, head on over to EightyTwo. This massive arcade bar has over 50 rotating classic games and offers quality drinks at a reasonable price. Sushi lovers should be sure to swing through Little Tokyo just around the block for rotary sushi on the way home.

Find Out the Local’s Version of Hollywood in WeHo and NoHo

Hollywood is normally depicted as the haven for the world’s stars and a place where paparazzi prey. However, the reality is that it’s a tourist trap and entirely underwhelming. Get away from the crowds and experience Los Angeles’ true Hollywood in WeHo (West Hollywood) and NoHo (North Hollywood).

The trimmed palms and well manicured lawns of WeHo reflect the polished nature that the area embraces so well. It is the home luxury shopping, high-end clubs, and the largest LGBTQ community in LA. It is almost impossible to not have a good time here, the atmosphere is entirely friendly and constantly upbeat. While in the area, try to control your laughter at the Comedy Store, both Jim Carrey and Robin Williams got their start performing here.

NoHo is the artistic hub of LA. It’s here that you’ll find writers, actors, directors, and dancers all congregated around indie theaters talking about their last performance or audition. The night scene here is also fun and diverse. The Federal Bar, a gourmet gastro pub converted from an old bank, is a must see. Tasting the Latino flavors of street vendors around the neighborhood is also a great idea.

Experience the Radiating Energy of Venice Beach

Venice Beach is home to the world famous Muscle Beach and possibly the most exciting boardwalk on the West Coast. It also has canals designed to mimic the Italian waterways from where it derives its name. Loud and vibrant, Venice Beach is capable of broadcasting its energy across the city.

The walk-up beach bars, hundreds of murals, and surf shops are emblematic of the carefree SoCal attitude that so many visitors wish to immerse themselves. The area’s energy is unique and extremely infective. It’s one of those places that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.

Fall in Love With the Santa Monica Pier

Just up the beach you’ll find Santa Monica. It stands in fairly stark contrast to Venice, boasting a quieter lifestyle and a picturesque California beach. But how could we forget about the world famous Santa Monica Pier?

The pier is the thing to see while visiting. You’ll want to get here with an empty stomach as it has restaurants offering everything from seafood that was caught that day and authentic Italian food. You’ll forget all about the gorgeous beach below as you continue to indulge in the succulent samples of fresh, buttery lobster and the refreshing tastes of tequila margaritas offered at the pier. There’s even an amusement park located right above the crashing surf.

As you can see, this city is comprised of many different neighborhoods all with their own unique personality. Whether you’re looking for a gut busting laugh, delicious seafood, or beautiful beaches, Los Angeles has all you could ask for. The only question left to ask is, when are you coming out to experience everything the City of Angels has to offer?