3 Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s nearly here, the splendid season of spring. For the majority within the US, spring brings about a welcome change in temperature as well as climate. Hopefully no more snow, the days get longer, and the colors of the trees begin to change back to green. This frequently means getting your own home ready and bringing out some warmer climate gadgets like patio furnishings, grills and hammocks so you can experience the outside. Spring cleaning has grown to be a ritual for maximum people, frequently going through and eliminating junk accrued from summertime through to winter and giving the residence a terrific deep clean. However, it can be easy to miss a few items that don’t frequently get attention. So, in this post I will walk through often forgotten items on home owner’s spring cleaning checklist.

Curtains, Throw Pillows and Trash Cans

These 3 items are frequently touched used or otherwise manipulated on a consistent foundation in any home. Meaning they will choose up dirt, dirt, and filth and want to be cleaned no less than every year. For throw pillows it’s as easy as removing the covers and throwing them within the washing machine. Some curtains can be washed but many suggest vacuuming with an attachment, so it might be a good idea to check the label first on yours that way you don’t damage your preferred set. Trash cans may be washed with Clorox or any other antibacterial scrub. Might be a good idea to let the trash can soak in hot water with the scrubbing method to get the specifically sticky matters off.

Home Appliances

Cleaning most of the house during in your spring cleaning usually means wiping down the stove and oven, throwing out old stuff and wiping down the refrigerator as well as the microwave. Aside from the normal cleaning it’s a terrific idea to check up on your trusty home appliances. Washing machines benefit from a mixture of bleach and vinegar allowing the bleach to take care of mold and microorganisms and the vinegar to dissolve the soap scum and mineral deposits. We recommend cleaning your washing system as a minimum two times a year. if you have a tank style water heater, it’s a good idea to check the anode rod to see if it has disintegrated. Anode rods sacrifice themselves to protect the internal lining of your water heater which in turn makes your water heater last longer and saves you treasured coin. Not always a cleaning essential, but a good thing to check on once a year if your bathroom has an exhaust fan it’s a great concept to uninstall it from the ceiling, disconnect the fan and wipe the entirety down with a damp cloth.


Often cleaning the bedroom means a good wash for the sheets, pillowcases and comforters. However, the mattress may be easily neglected. They gather up crumbs and dirt even with clean and new sets of sheets so it’s a good idea to vacuum with an attachment to ensure all that stuff gets picked up. If there are stains some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide do wonders at getting them out or at the very least making them less visible.