Living in Koreatown Los Angeles

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koreatown ballKoreatown is a wealth of history and excitement!  You can hardly take two steps without finding a new place to eat or shop!  I must admit, after living here for almost two years I have not even scratched the surface of what is offered in this great area of Los Angeles until I saw the CNN Special with Anthony Bourdain Parks Unknown!  Sometimes the boob tube can really spur you into action. 

I decided it was time to visit some of the places shown during this special.  My first adventure was trying Myung In Dumplings located at 3109 W. Olympic Blvd.  The power of TV had already overwhelmed this place.  The first time my husband and I visited they had sold out of most of their menu, so we attempted to fill our bellies on another day!  On our second visit we were able to order the #1 which is meat and veggie dumplings.  While we were in line waiting it was such a pleasure to watch the owners actually making the dumplings by hand.  It's something about seeing loving hands prepare food.  Reminds me of growing up in Kentucky and our Sunday dinners!  For $7 we were given four nice sized fluffy dumplings filled with yummy delights on the inside!  Along with our dumplings we were given a few kimchee delights!

Overall, it was a very pleasant outcome to my first new adventure of Koreatown!  Join me on my next adventure in the near future!

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