Your Home and the Chinese New Year

The Year of the Dragon should bring wealth and power. It begins on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013.  You have an Astrological sign and so does your home.  Let's take a break from all the real estate numbers and statistics and have a little fun. 

So which homes are going to enjoy a prosperous and stress free 2012?

Goat: 2012 will be a wonderful year to remodel or relandscape.  If you can’t afford either, simply declutter, and reorganize, perhaps paint a room or two.  Home improvements made this year will be hassle free.

Monkey:   2012 will be a wonderful year for Monkey homes and these homes will be filled with love.   Plan on having a Valentine’s dinner, an anniversary party or a baby or bridal shower at your home this year.

Rabbit:  Rabbit homeowners have it made this year!  Inviting the boss to dinner?  You’ve got the raise AND the promotion.   Entertaining?  It will be the best party ever!  Selling your home?  The open houses and showings will be perfection!

Rat:  Rat homes are often ostentatious.  Rat homeowners should keep in mind “less is more”.  Declutter your home and closets. Donate your abundance, there are plenty who will enjoy your excess.

Tiger:  If you have been thinking of selling your Tiger home, 2012 will be an excellent year for you to sell at the highest possible price.  Tiger homeowners hoping to earn a little extra money should consider renting their homes to the studios in 2012.

And which just so-so?

Dragon:  Dragon homes typically open well to the outdoors.  To avoid disaster during the next Santa Ana winds it is critical that Dragon homeowners should have their trees trimmed.  Dragon homeowners who plant fruit trees this year will reap a bountiful harvest.

Horse:  Horse homeowners need to avoid waste in 2012.  Do not overbuy at the grocery store (the produce will go bad).  2012 is the ideal year for Horse homeowners to start a garden.

Pig:  Pig homes are susceptible to break-ins this year.  To avoid theft it is critical that  Pig homeowners take security precautions: dogs, alarms….. Something!

Ram:. 2012 can bring peace to those who reside in Ram homes.  Marital problems?  If you live in a Ram home they should be resolved this year.

Rooster:  It is critical that Rooster homeowners keep up with routine maintenance.  Prevention this year is key!  Contact a reputable termite company and have your home inspected for termites.

Snake:  2012 is going to be a year filled with jealousy and suspicion.  Snake homeowners need to find a way to not partake is these vices.  Sincerely compliment your neighbors and allow their home to outshine yours. 

And which homes will be be susceptible to misfortune?

Dog:  2012 could bring much discontent in these homes.  In order for dog homeowners to have a happy 2012 it is imperative, that they start each day counting their blessings. 

Ox:  Ox homes are sturdy and well built, but the people living in these homes are often poor communicators.  Ox homeowners need to have weekly family meetings in 2012.

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