Other Side of the Coin Pt. 3...Realty Goddess Turns Landlord

Renting our home has become quiet an adventure!  I scheduled three showings on one day.  I try to keep the showings to a certain window time just to keep the madness down a bit.

There are PRO's and CON's of living in our house while it is being advertised for rent.  Pro's...I am here most the time so if I put an Open House sign outside people can just come on in.  Con's...I had to put a sign on my door that says "do not disturb the occupants" for the times we will not be showing. Someone actually rang our bell at 8:45pm one evening asking to see the house!  People are amazing!

What I am slowly realizing is this...I am having a hard time taking myself out of ownership.  I notice when I show our HOME I have a story to tell about our house.  I know our neighbors, I love this neighborhood and this little red brick house is a place full of memories.  Brick, mortar, nails and wood are what constitutes a physical house, but what YOU put in it  makes it a home!  This is what is making it so hard for me.  Renters come in, they walk through, they have their comments (all good so far) they open closets and cabinets and it feels...well, it feels...SO BUSINESS.  Stiff and stale.  I can't wrap my head around that.  Even though this will not be owned by our renters, I want to know they will have wonderful memories of the time they spend here.  I want them to care and love our home and treat it with the respect it deserves.  Gosh, I am such a hopeless romantic even with houses!

When I have buyers, that is what I picture for them.  Memories, love and laughter, a place where you come and lay your burdens down.  A place to cherish and relax.  Is it so wrong to want that for my renters as well?

It all boils down to this...it does not matter if you own or rent...EVERYONE DESERVES A WONDERFUL PLACE TO CALL HOME!

Our home has not found its perfect fit yet, but I know it's calling out to the right ones.  Showing our home has made me cherish my memories even more.  Every Christmas we had major family dinners, sang around the piano, decorated our home, baked cookies for our neighbors and loved ones.  We were the home to "BE" for the holidays!  We raised our child here, had BBQ's, supported our neighborhood.  We laughed, cried, sang and danced here.  So I am taking this time to reflect on these things and I am letting the blessings wash over me daily.  It is my hope that the next occupants have the same wonderful feelings we had over our nine years here.

Now if we could just decide on a property manager....UGH!

For now, we keep showing and interviewing....tune in next time for the next exciting episode of Realty Goddess Goes Landlord.

Blessings, peace and love from the Realty Goddess!

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