Are Your Affairs in Order?

DEATH...ok, I said the big bad word and now that the shock is over, let's chat about it a little bit.  We all do not like to think about it, but it's just a part of this wonderful journey called "LIFE".  I know some of you would like to live forever but the fact of the matter is, we don't.  Now I am not going to get into a spiritual debate on this subject, that is not it's purpose.  The purpose of todays post is to discuss having your affairs in order for when you are no longer here.

I have helped a few families with estate sales in the past.  Some have been completed with no issues and others have almost torn families apart.  The easy transactions were because someone took the time to plan and execute the correct paperwork needed to assist their families in wrapping up their affairs.  There is nothing more sad than to witness chaos and fighting among family members when no plan has been established.

Do you own a house? Have you written a will for your heirs? Do you know if you die and leave no will what could possibily happen? Are you married? Do you have children? Have you always wanted to donate your estate to a church or university, etc.  Estate planning is not just for the "stars" and "wealthy".

Yes sir/ma'am...I got you thinking huh?

I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM an attorney. I respect the profession but it's not for me!  But I have to share with you that I do see some "not so pretty" sides of Real Estate when there is a death in the family and members are left behind to put it all back together again.

There are so many online resources to start your initial search of this subject.  Just "google" What happens to my property when I die" and you get a ton of educational articles.  Remember each state and even each county can have different rules on estates, so I advise  you to call an Estate attorney, create an estate plan and once that is done you can get back to living, knowing you have taken care of your loved ones when you are gone.

Here are two good sites to start your research. and

I always end with saying "blessings and love" and this time I want you to show  your love and share your blessings with your loved ones by starting the process of your estate affairs.

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