Home Values - Who Do You Trust?

When you are sick, you go to a doctor! When your tooth hurts, you go to a dentist! And when you are ready to buy or sell your home and move, you call Laura. Probably the biggest question on the mind of every homeowner is “how much is my home worth”. You may be surprised to know there are several different ways you can find out: Here are some of them:

Free Online Estimates: Free appraisal sites offer quick estimates of home values based on analysis of publicly available information, such as tax records. However in my professional opinion these sites are very inaccurate.  I have put in addresses of properties in neighborhoods where I KNOW the values and I have never gotten a correct value!  STAY CLEAR!

Fee-Based Online Appraisals: Some online sites offer property valuation reports you can download for a fee. These are computer-generated analyses based on publicly available information, so they may be useful only if you don't want to spend time looking up records yourself. But once again, you do not want someone who does not know your living area to give you a general price quote!

Real Estate Comparative Market Analyses: Comparative market analysis, or comps, are reports prepared by real estate professionals that estimate a selling price for your house. They're based on the agent's knowledge of the area as well as asking prices and recent sale prices for comparable properties in your neighborhood.  Th

Home Appraisals: A full professional appraisal is a must if you're applying for a loan and is always going to be the most precise evaluation of your home's worth. Keep in mind that a good appraiser isn't in a position to profit from the appraisal, and his or her fee will be based purely on time and expertise.