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Beautiful Tile Work

This beautiful tile work was found in a bathroom located by the pool! Just Gorgeous! Its bright and detailed.  In my opinion you just can't go wrong with mermaids by a pool.image

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Not enough time...bucket lists

Isn't it amazing that when you live in a city you do not take the time to really go learn what is going on around you?  I was born and raised in Prospect, KY (Louisville) and I never attended the Kentucky Derby.  Oh sure, I enjoyed the other activities such as "Thunder Over Louisville" the "Chow Wagons" the "Parade, and other fun stuff, but for the actual Derby Event, well...I kept putting it off.

It's the same with Denver.  I got here, I got excited, I saw a few things such as the dinosaur footprints, Buffalo Bill's Grave, etc, then I got busy and just put things off.  I was working 40 hours a week at my secretarial job and the weekends were full of cleaning and restocking the fridge.  Time kept rolling, I started to put off things I really wanted to do and now the time is near to leave for a new adventure.

Today, I decided to take a walk in the sunshine.  Really, I was FORCED to take a walk in the sunshine.  I was slaving away at a file, minding my own business then the air conditioning kicked on.  EEEEK!  Enough already....I needed some warmth.  I digress...back to the walk.  I decided to drive until I found a nice spot to bathe in the sunshine.  I ended up around the St. Lukes hospital area.  Lots of great homes to look at, still downtownish and some nice little spots to sit outside and breathe a little bit.

As I sat in the sun and let it wash warmth all over me, I decided I would just walk down the street and grab some lunch at Thai Basil on 18th.  The walk would prove to be so much more than a quick run to grab lunch.  The restaurant was about five blocks away and I decided to walk the neighborhood to increase my "steps" for the day.

When you are in the "hustle and bustle" of the day you tend to focus on your task and ignore everything around you.  Something was different for me today.  I decided to look up and be totally aware of my surroundings.  Oh the beautiful things I saw. There is an apartment house located near 18th and Williams that had so such style I had to stop.  Old film cameras surrounded the building and you got a sense of "style" and what it would look like inside.  I let my imagination run wild.  I imagined Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and all the beautiful silent stars in their glory walking the grounds in a 1940's 1950's era.  Who cares if it was true or not, my imagination was awakened.  When we grow up, we tend to forget we have imagination.  Why?

I walked a few more blocks and my nose was rewarded with the scents of roses and lilac from all the beautiful flowers that aligned the sidewalk.  Due to all the rains our trees and grass are bright green and stand tall and strong.  In just a short 30 minute walk my spirit was uplifted, my imagination was active and I felt a gratefulness wash over me.

I only have two weeks left in "The Mile High" city.  One of my regrets is that I never got to do some of the things I wanted to do on my personal list.  Even though I have done more than I imagined, there is just so many wonderful things to experience here.

So, what lesson have I learned to take on my journey to Los Angeles?  Well, I think I am going to be a tourist for a while.  A good friend gave me a book called "Top 10 Los Angeles" I have flipped through it already and started planning my list.  Every since I was a little girl I wanted to visit the LaBrea Tar Pits.  I have decided to make that one of the very first things I will do!  The feeling of knowing a "bucket list" item will be so easily accessible is stimulating! Oh the things I have on my list!

You want to know why I feel this move will be different? I have YOU to hold me accountable!  I know you are following me, I know you will expect the reports and I know if I don't do them you will ask me why!

For now, my next two weeks are filled with kissing friends goodbye, packing, studying and winding down business.

I am no way a "writer" but for some reason knowing I have things to share with you makes this a brand new adventure and I look forward to sharing this journey.  It will include a little bit of this and a little bit of that but it will be honest and forthcoming!

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed and commented on my announcement of moving to Los Angeles.  Your kind words and encouragement are a blessing!

Remember....We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.-- Teilhard de Chardin

Make sure you keep in contact with me through this blog, facebook, twitter, google+ and foursquare.  Maybe I will make you "laugh or smile" in some way!  Blessings from the Realty Goddess!