Top Reasons to Consider a Laundry Room Remodel


Laundry rooms can be rooms that some of us just dread going into. Most of the time, when we enter a laundry room, we’re probably doing some sort of chore. What if instead of dread, the laundry room made you feel comfortable every time you stepped into it?

A laundry room remodel is a great way to add value and comfort to your home. Once you rejuvenate the life in your laundry room, you will be looking forward to ironing shirts and doing laundry all of the time! Let’s look at how you can turn the dreadful corner of the house into a place of organized zen and relaxation.

Layout improvements

In its current state, your laundry room might be nothing more than an ordinary room with a washer and dryer. Why not add a corner desk, some corner shelves, or even a reading nook with a chair? If you have the space for it, you can consolidate space and turn your laundry room into a room that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in.

Stackable washers and dryers means you can save space; corner shelves, utility sinks or pull-out bins can make smart use of otherwise wasted space. Understanding how to properly layout your appliances and storage space can give you a little bit more room to play around with.

Accessibility = usability

Accessibility is the key word when it comes to remodeling your laundry room. At its current state, your laundry room may not be as organized as you’d like it to be. Instead of wasting time fumbling around a messy laundry room, add organized drawers or contemporary full overlay cabinets to neatly stow away your detergents, stain removers, and dryer sheets.

Not only can cabinets be incredibly gorgeous storage options, but they can serve you in your accessibility needs throughout the entire laundry room. Add a rack to hang clothes and some counter space to fold and treat your clothes on, and you’ll have a highly organized laundry room.

Improved look and feel

How does your laundry room look and feel? Most laundry rooms are not incredibly appealing. In fact, it’s the main reason why many don’t spend time in them. Why must we torture ourselves with a constant eyesore when we can make it a comfortable environment to do chores?

Giving your laundry room a fresh paint of color can make the world of a difference. Start by picking out a main color that you can then pair with all of your appliances, flooring, and laundry room decor.

A room for pets

Pet friendly room.png

While you’re remodeling your laundry room, why not make it pet-friendly? Laundry rooms are perfect places to store dog and cat bowls, litter boxes and beds or crates.

If you do plan on having your furry friends access this room frequently, you’ll likely want to replace the floor with damage resistant tile or vinyl. This will make it much easier to sweep away cat litter or clean up any “surprises” your pets leave for you to find.

If you want to get really creative, you can even turn portion of your laundry room into a cat house or a doggy den.

Upgrade to smart appliances

Homes are slowly becoming “smart homes” as technology is integrated into everyday devices. In the laundry room, a smart washer and dryer can really help you get the job done right and efficiently.

You’ll never need to worry about forgetting to put your clothes in the dryer again. Wifi-enabled washers and dryers can automatically update you with a notification on your phone to let you know when the cycle is complete.

This doesn’t have to be the only smart device you have in your laundry room. Try adding a smart assistant like Google Home, Apple Homepod, or Amazon Echo. You can set up these smart speakers to control laundry room lighting with your voice, reorder laundry detergent, or play your favorite playlist.