Make Your Home, and Your Life, Eco-Friendly With These 5 Tips

We all want to find ways to take better care of the environment. It may surprise you to know that you can have the power to positively impact the planet, by simply making changes to the way you live. You house and your habits can take a toll on the environment but it’s easy to make “greener” choices to ensure a cleaner world. Here are six ways you can help our planet stay healthy.

Going Green from the Start

Looking for a new home? Find one that includes eco-friendly touches to make living “green” even easier. Look for homes that use recycled materials or other “green” elements in their construction. Be mindful of energy-efficient upgrades that have been completed and look for major “green” accents, such as solar panels outside and plenty of natural light sources inside. Work with a realtor to make finding an eco-friendly home in your area’s market a little less time-consuming and don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking at potential properties in your area.

Completing Big Home Improvements to Make a Big Difference

Not looking for a brand new home? You can make the most “green” adjustments to your existing home with some major renovations. These projects will take some time and money but will make the most impact on the energy-efficiency of your home so you can save on energy costs. Ensure your home is properly insulated by switching over to multi-paneled windows throughout your home or think about upgrading your home’s cooling/heating systems. If you really want to cut down on energy usage, and make a measurable impact on the environment, consider installing solar panels. These major upgrades take more of a commitment of your time and finances but offer the most return on investment, by increasing your home’s resale value and decreasing your carbon footprint on the world.

Making Easy, Energy-Efficient Upgrades

If you don’t have the time or resources for major upgrades, you can still find ways to make your house a little “greener.” There are tons of easy, cost-effective energy efficient changes you can make around your home. Change out your old outdoor lighting for solar powered options and invest in LED bulbs to replace standard ones in lamps and fixtures. Install a energy-regulating thermostat or switches for power outlets. Making energy-saving swaps can cut down on your utility costs while helping to keep the environment healthy.

Avoiding Unintentional Water Waste

Cutting down on energy use is one way homeowners can be more “green” but it’s also helpful to avoid other forms of waste. Water waste is another issue that poses a threat to our environment. You can reduce your water consumption with a few mindful measures. Think about watering lawns and gardens with water collected in rain barrels or cut down on the amount of food your family wastes. A single egg takes about 50 gallons of water to produce, so tossing out a dozen is like throwing out 620 gallons of water. Make a real difference by being mindful of the ways you waste this precious resource.

Cutting Down on Trash

Americans produce nearly 625K tons of garbage every single day. Efficient trash collection makes the issue hard to see for the average homeowner but the problem is piling up in landfills, rivers and oceans. Paper and plastic are some of the most prevalent pieces of garbage impacting the environment. You can cut down on your contribution to this trash epidemic by taking simple steps to curb clutter in your home. Bring reusable bags to stores to avoid taking home plastic or paper bags, use refillable water bottles and cut down on the amount of junk mail your receive.

Living a “greener” life in your home can be as simple as changing out a few light bulbs or as dedicated as buying an eco-friendly new home. You can make the choice, or choices, to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce energy costs and waste in your home. By living “greener” you can feel better about your life now, and the world you leave behind for the generations that come after you.