Finding A Doctor After a Move to a Big City

Finding a doctor you trust with you and your family’s health can be a daunting task, especially after a big move. However, there are resources and solutions that make this search much easier. Numerous websites assist this search with reviews and broad lists to narrow searches based on what you are looking for. Using one or all of these resources will give you the names of several doctors, reviews and ratings can refine this list of names and the selection of a doctor in your area becomes much easier.


Lifescript has a feature on their website that allows you to find doctors in your area.

A fairly accessible website, it is easy to find the names of doctors near your new home. Select your state, your city, and your zip code. From there, pick the type of care you are looking for. The list of doctors in the search area will come onto your screen. You can click on their names to learn more about them, such as their experience and where you can make an appointment. Overall this website is helpful, but not the most accessible. It is effective in finding the names of doctors and how many years they have worked in their field. Lifescript can assist your search for a doctor in your new home and make this process painless.


Finding a doctor is made easy by Vitals, this website strives to allow patients to help other patients with reviews and helpful feedback. Additionally, it provides education that assists the search for the best health care in your area. This site is incredibly easy to use and very up to date. After hitting “Find A Doctor”, you choose the type of doctor you are in search of and the state and city you are looking to find the health care provider in. A list of names comes up. This list can be incredibly lengthy so further refinement allows you to find the doctor you are looking for at a much faster rate. You can choose the condition or procedure you are in search of, the sex of the doctor, the languages they speak, and the insurance plans accepted. Once you are looking at the profiles of each doctor, you are able to see the specialties of that doctor, the years of experience, any awards they have won, the education received, and the reviews this doctor has received. If you like some, but not all aspects of this doctor, the website displays doctors with similar profiles. Vitals is an extremely effective website that will greatly assist your search for a doctor in this new area.


RateMds is a website, much like the other two, that effectively displays options for doctors in certain areas, with detailed descriptions and reviews. Searchers can select a gender preference to refine the results. Once the search has begun, you can select the doctors that are accepting new patients. With a five star rating, there is a broken down score of categories desirable in a doctor. These scores include punctuality, helpfulness, and knowledge. The unique feature allows prospective patients to more precisely find a doctor that meets your needs. RateMds is an accessible website and can assist your search for a doctor in a new area, significantly.


Using the suggested websites, compile a list of potential doctors in your area and refine that search by comparing their profiles and reviews. Pay attention to the small details, be specific and pick the doctor that meets most or all of the qualities you are in search of. Once you have a smaller list of potential doctors, use the American Board of Medical Specialties to ensure the doctor you are considering is Board Certified. You can also Google the name of the care provider to see if there are any positive or negative results. Refine your list once more and then make an appointment. Show up to your appointment prepared, with a list of questions and pay attention to your overall experience. This should be positive, since you spent time searching for the doctor that will meet your needs. Once you have found the doctor that is best for you and your family, go back to the method you found that doctor and give them a positive rating. Doing this assists those who are looking for a care provider.


Additional resources such as ICD-10 Code Look-up you can quickly and easily gain access to the code set you use frequently. This site is dedicated to the learning and exploration of ICD-10 codes that will make this switch smooth and comfortable for you.


The search for a doctor in an area you are unfamiliar with can be exhausting and frustrating. Using various tools, this process can be made much simpler. Each website has beneficial features that set them apart, when paired the search for a doctor in a new city becomes a task easily accomplished. With the use of one or more of these websites, finding a doctor in a new city will be an easier task.