Yoga Classes to Try After Moving to LA

Yoga classes offer a first-class ticket to peace and blissfulness. Regular practice can help you lose yourself and forget about the world. In a city like Los Angeles, the ability to step away from the hustle and bustle is invaluable. On the other hand, LA is home to hundreds of different yoga instructors, so it can be hard to find a place that settle down. Get rid of the gamble with our guide to the five best yoga studios in LA.

Hot 8 Yoga

Hot 8 Yoga is among the most popular yoga studios on the list. On Google reviews, Hot 8 Yoga has 4.9 stars from 73 people. First and foremost, their free two-hour parking can be very convenient in Los Angeles. Once you get inside, you’ll find a retail store full of everything you could possibly need for a yoga class. Next, join in for the excellent yoga classes they offer. If you are a beginner, do not worry! Hot 8 Yoga has created a foundation of beginner classes for new and inspiring yogis. They also accommodate for the more experienced and they even have classes to teach you how to become a yoga instructor! Once you wrap up with your class, hit the showers. The best part is that shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion is all provided! All of their products are eco-friendly, so you can feel good and confident about what you put on yourself. The customer service and convenience is enough to give this place five stars in my book.


Liberation yoga studio is a family owned place and aims to relieve your stress, improve your health, and tap into your natural reservoir of unlimited vitality and wellbeing. The interior is one thing that makes this place stand out from most others. They go for a homey feeling with vintage accessories and wood theme located all around. The indoor sauna will transport you straight to bliss with its rich dark wood floors and twinkling lights. You also have the garden studio that has tall trees, bubbling fountains, and ancient Chinese wood carvings that release your senses and shroud you in peace. If you are looking for a feeling of peace and comfort, this might be the perfect spot for you.


exhale takes a newer spin on yoga. Full of youth, anybody will find themselves soaking in vitality while experiencing their diverse selection of yoga classes. For example, have you ever heard of power yoga? Push your body to the limit by conquering these athletically and mentally challenging classes to shape your body, burn those calories, and clear your mind. You can find Exhale Spa in Santa Monica for yoga classes, spa therapies, and great experiences with friends!

Set & Flow Yoga

This is a yoga studio as modern as its name. Awarded for being the best yoga studio in Los Angeles 2017, Set & Flow Yoga takes the traditional practice and updates it with modern expression. People admire this because maybe they are not looking for wood and nature. Maybe modern makes you comfortable and sends you into your mind. They believe in growing and setting the body with multiple disciplines that will enhance your breath, alignment, dedication, edge, balance, strength and flexibility. All of their teachers are highly experienced and are great at accommodating beginners and experts. With over 150 classes a week, Set & Flow Yoga is ready to take you under their wing if you are ready for a modern feel.

Namaste Studios

The divine in me bows to the divine in you. This is what is meant when you greet someone with namaste. At Namaste Studios, you can really feel the humbleness when you enter. They are all about teaching you self-care and respect for your mind and body. You might also find a few other things than just yoga. There is meditation, massage, chiropractic care, energy healing, and steam sessions. In other words, if you are looking for a one stop shop, Namaste Studios is your place. If you like the one-on-one approach to yoga, you can book an appointment with an instructor for private yoga, yoga therapy, and most other commodities they offer. Some people find themselves in a bad back situation. Namaste recognizes this and has a class specifically for getting your back into shape. If you fall into that category, this could be your first step towards natural healing! No matter, Namaste Studios is compassionate and very empathetic in making sure you have the best possible yoga experience there is.


There you have it! Some of the best places to find to practice your yoga around Los Angeles, California. The best part is this only scratches the surface of how many yoga classes there are. You can find a lot of new yoga places popping up all the time! This is good for those who want to experiment and hopefully find a yoga class that caters directly to your personal preferences. Once you become a part of a community, there will be no going back! Good luck on your search and Namaste!