Top Day Trips Near Los Angeles

The city of angels is loved by many. However, just as any town, the people who live their might need a little escape. What better way to enjoy a free day than to hop in your favorite vehicle and ride off to all of the glorious places near Los Angeles - and return the very same day? These day trips will preserve your sanity and expand your creativity. In fact, most people that live in the Los Angeles area recommend that you escape every once in a while. Here are the top places for your day trip out of LA.

Santa Monica Pier

Of course, the beach is one of the first options that pop up for a day trip. Call your buddies, get the ride (I recommend a comfortable hatchback so you can have enough space to lug around the cooler), and make way on this easy going 25-35 minute trip to Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica pier is one of the more interesting beaches. You can enjoy the sand and water comfortably with some friends. You can also walk closer to the pier and enjoy some of the awesome memorials that they have on the sand. If you are looking for even more entertainment, try walking the pier itself! On the left side of the pier, guests can enjoy themselves with some awesome roller coaster rides that feel like you are flying high above the pier and the water. As people walk further down, they can be amused by the peculiar yet interesting choices of entertainment. Just be sure to tip if you see something you like.

Temecula Valley

With the weather being gorgeous, and Temecula being about 90 minutes away from LA, you are going to want to put the top down and blast the music with your best friends. This means the trip should be taken with your favorite muscle car. Upon arrival, be prepared to have a little fun in wine country because Temecula houses 40 plus wineries. While you’re at it, bring a camera. You will want to capture the rolling greens and beautiful hills, which make Temecula one of the most gorgeous spots in California. If you’re feeling especially lucky, try your hand at California’s top casino.

Catalina Island

Not all day trips need to be taken by car. How about by boat? Or, if you can swing it, by helicopter? That is what you will require to reach Catalina Island, which is located 25 miles off the coast of California. There are three Catalina Express boats each located in San Pedro, Long Beach, and Dana Point. The guests will be taken to Avalon. There are many food shops that prove to be great places to gain some energy before you go on an adventure. One of the most popular places around Avalon is the Avalon Theatre. This place houses the largest circular ballroom in the world. There are also many other incredible places to go. Places like the Wrigley Botanical Gardens, where you can experience nature in its best form. Or Lovers Cove, where you can enjoy some snorkeling and the beautiful ocean.

Big Bear


If one is looking for an outdoor/adventurous kind of day, then Big Bear is one of the best spots! Located about 90 miles away from Los Angeles, and around 7,000 feet high in the San Bernardino Mountains, you will find all different sorts of activities to do all year long. Not to worry, if it snows, there is still an abundance of activities to do as well, such as snowboarding or skiing. Just keep in mind to take your best 4 wheel vehicle so you can get up the mountain, haul your equipment, and bring your pals. During other months, visitors can take on the hiking trails, hipline tours, and tree rope climbing. If you are a fan of the water, you can hit Big Bear Lake and canoe or kayak with your best friends to soak in the views of the wilderness that surround the lake. Can you hear that? The wilderness is calling you.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

One of these trips should be a real relaxing getaway. How about the Glen Ivy Hot Springs? Just imagine, after a long week that demanded all of your hard work and attention, you have the warm, natural mineral spring to look forward to. For most, just floating in the water would be exceptional. However, the place has some of the best therapy treatments around. Have them pencil you in for a massage or a facial. Perhaps a water aerobics class. No matter, you will find yourself relaxed and free of stress when you are finished here. You can then enjoy the one hour ride back in your favorite sedan while listening to your favorite tunes. It will be a relief forgetting about your problems for a day.


For when the going gets tough in Los Angeles, there are many places to relieve yourself of your duties. Just take a nice day trip with your friends, family, or yourself, and leave the troubles of the city behind!