5 Tips to Making Moving a Little Less Annoying

Moving can really take a toll on your stress level and patience. Not to mention, how annoying it can be if everything was not planned together correctly. That’s why there are awesome tips that are going to make your moving experience so much easier and stress free. You will notice the recurring theme of organization and planning in these tips. Every moving experience goes so much better when you keep those two things in mind. Let’s get started.

Have a dedicated packing room

It takes a long time to pack all the stuff you have. Also, it can get very tedious when you have boxes all around your house getting in the way of your daily routine. This is when having a dedicated packing room can really help. Every time you pack a new box, just carry it into the packing room and sort them. Make sure you pick out a big room to do it in, too. You don’t want to run out of room too quickly.

Label your boxes with colored duct tape

When labeling a packed box, most will usually take a sharpie and label the box in big letters. This works until you realize that the sharpie is dying out and that writing in big bold letters on every side of the box is time consuming. This is where colorful duct tape comes into play. Here you will label each box with a piece of colored duct tape that is coordinated with a specific room or an object. This is a much faster way to apply labeling and to find what you need as opposed to the traditional sharpie method.

Heavy stuff goes into smaller boxes

One of the most common problems that happen when packing is when someone puts all the heavy stuff into bigger boxes. I cannot count how many times I have seen this preventable mistake happen. Not only is it irritating to carry an extremely heavy box, but it is also dangerous. Be sure to find large and small boxes to prevent this. By packing all the heavy things into smaller boxes, you reduce the risk of injury and help yourself have an easy move.

Use clothes or towels to protect fragile items

Newspapers seem to be the go-to protection method when packing valuables. However, buying newspapers can get costly, be time consuming, and may not protect your things to the fullest. Here is a better alternative to protecting your valuables. Use your towels or clothes to protect your fragile objects. This is good because it saves space and offers a better form of protection. Plus, you do not have to deal with throwing it all away afterward.

Order the moving truck ahead of time

Be sure to order your moving vehicle ahead of time. The closer you get to your final date, the more expensive it will be. You also risk not finding a moving truck at all. Give it a solid month grace period. Also, if you have friends helping you move, be sure to check in with them a month ahead to see if they are still available.

Like most big tasks, moving can be handled well with careful planning and organization. Hopefully, moving will now be a little easier for us all. Good luck on the move!