Best Condo Views in LA

Los Angeles, California is the land of celebrities, bumper to bumper traffic, year-round summery weather, and gorgeous beaches. In fact some of the United States most recognizable landmarks can be found in the entertainment capital of the world. Everybody knows where LA is and what this city is all about. LA is a vibrant, lively place to be and there’s always something interesting to see. Whether you’re admiring the world famous Hollywood sign, taking a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or revisiting your childhood in Disneyland, there is a 99.9% chance that LA will have something that visitors will find of interest. As a city of nearly four million people, the pure diversity that can be found in Los Angeles is a direct contributor to its magnificence. After all, LA has been reported to have the largest population of Korean, Japanese, Hispanic/Latino, Thai, and Native American populations. These large communities have an effect on the layout of LA’s different neighborhoods, the local cuisine that often attracts hoards of foodies from around the world, and the locally-owned mom and pop shops that are easily found in each small community throughout LA.


There are plenty of things that make LA an amazing city. For starters, it is known for being number 1 in a large variety of different categories. Topics span from having the best farmer markets in the nation, having the best transit system, having the largest population in the US, and having the highest rate of income growth in the country, to such topics like having the most extensive freeway network, having the most vegetarian shops, and housing the largest population of freelance workers in the country. What can we say? LA just so happens to be the best.


When cities come to mind, often times, people are plagued with images of poorly-maintained streets, filthy subway stations, and air that is so badly polluted that you can literally feel a decrease in air quality upon arriving in the city. Los Angeles, however, is making an effort to change that image. Through recent years, LA has been emphasizing the importance of sustainability. For the past five years, LA has been ranked number one in the nation for having the largest number of Energy Star buildings. Energy Star certified buildings are structures that are built to be energy-efficient and sustainable. With large cities like Los Angeles, it is imperative that buildings adapt to more sustainable alternatives. As of January 2017, LA has managed to reduce water consumption by almost 20%, reduced its carbon emissions, and has even revealed plans to develop a bike-sharing program. And while LA still has a long way to go until it is 100% green, the strides the city has made thus far has been most impressive.


A green city goes hand-in-hand with the active, healthy lifestyle that its residents are known to lead. Though LA takes the form of a wild concrete jungle, the gorgeous, relaxing beaches do help to create an overall laidback atmosphere that tons of Americans associate with Los Angelinos. There seem to be a plethora of benefits that come with living here in LA. There’s lots to do, lots to see, lots to eat, and lots of people to meet. The cost of living in Los Angeles isn’t nearly as expensive as other cities like New York, and there are communities within LA that have made Business Insider’s 2017 list of safest cities in the US.


As it has been suggested before, living in Los Angeles ultimately means committing yourself to a life of excitement and adventure. But before your adventure here begins, where will you live? Luckily for you, LA has tons of fantastic options that are surely fit whatever lifestyle you have.



We’ll start with the home of the rich and the famous and go from there. We all know what Hollywood is: if you come here, it is very likely that you’ll see a celebrity traipsing about town or the camera crew of some late night talk show host waiting to interrogate random pedestrians for entertainment purposes. Hollywood is almost every tourist’s dream; here, you get to walk among the stars and truly experience LA’s vibrant night life. Here, it’s a full-on party, with an amazing selection of unique restaurants that anybody would be lucky to even look at in in real life.


East Hollywood

Well-known for its diverse community, East Hollywood is a neighborhood that sits between the artists who’ve made it in the industry and the art aficionados and philosophers. Here, you can enjoy the neighborhood dive bars and the street food.


North Hollywood

Overflowing with creative energy, it isn’t uncommon to find writers, actors, and other artists occupying your local coffee shop. North Hollywood is well-known for its vintage atmosphere which has been carefully crafted by the people who occupy this neighborhood.


West Hollywood

Loud, colorful, vibrant, and unapologetically itself, West Hollywood is truly the face of Hollywood. Here, you’ll find celebrities, residents, and tourists alike bathing in the glamorous atmosphere West Hollywood exudes.


Highland Park

It is here where people congregate to unleash their inner hipster. This trendy neighborhood that is close to downtown LA has grown to be rather popular in recent years. The sudden influx of young professionals who yearn to explore their artistic spirit has really influence the Highland Park’s overall aura. These days, you can find tiny bookstores tucked away in corners, hole in the wall restaurants, and historic buildings that have been hipster-flipped.



Everybody needs a little break every now and then, especially from the hustle and bustle of the big city. That’s where Mid-City comes in; this area is your oasis, your own piece of paradise from LA’s incessant noise. Mid-City offers you the same kind of peace and quiet your typical suburban neighborhood has while still being fairly close to the exciting nightlife downtown.



Creativity in this quiet neighborhood is manifested in the nature that surrounds us all. Take a walk on the wild side and explore any of Topanga’s nature trails. In Topanga, visitors and locals are offered peace and serenity and stunning views of the Californian scenery.