Make Your Pad Reflect You

Hey men should know how to trick out their pads just as much as women do! I have a high amount of male clients who purchase homes, and they don't need Martha Stewart to make it their own!  Ready to have your OWN space men? Call me! Laura Key 310.866.8422

home designs for men
home designs for men

Whether you're a sports buff or the trendy guy in your posse, we've got ways to make your pad part of your image.

By Karin Eldor, Fashion Correspondent

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If you are where you live, what does that say about the maintenance and effort you have to put into your home? Well, that all depends on what you want others to think about you. So if you're decked out in expensive threads, your effort won't mean much if your place is a disaster, or worse, not a reflection of you. 

Whether you live in a small apartment, a 1,500-square-foot condo or a three-level house, the home you call your own is your representative. And when a fine lady comes over to pay you a visit, you want to make sure she's impressed by your space. 

You don't need to be an interior designer or spend tons of cash to be proud of your pad. As long as you feel comfortable in it, you will hold your head up high... even while lounging in your favorite chair. 

who are you?

Start by asking yourself the following questions, for a self-inventory checklist: 

How would you describe yourself? (athletic; cultured; ambitious; stylish; indifferent; etc.) 

What are your hobbies? (mountain climbing; traveling; scuba diving; world history; wine tasting; golf; playing music; screenwriting; etc.)

These might seem obvious to you, but remember; making your home a reflection of you is worthless without knowing what your image is -- or at least what you want it to be. 

No passions or traits have to be exclusive; you are likely an amalgamation of characteristics and that can be reflected in your home. 

get started

The following are different broad categories that can be used as templates for decorating your pad, to bring out the "you" you're going for (based on your profile). Remember; you can be a combination of each of these categories. 

The Athletic DudeWhether you're usually glued to the TV watching the big game (and this can mean several simultaneous games) or love reciting sports scores with your buddies after scoring big in your own football game, sports are your thing. Show your appreciation by adorning your home with things like vintage sports jerseys and mementos. And of course, you can't forget a widescreen plasma TV (50 inches or more) -- made larger than life with surround sound -- so that you can watch the game in style while sitting in a super cool recliner. 

The HipsterWhen it comes to style, you've got it in spades -- at least that's what your friends tell you. You're a leader who always knows the trends before they hit the streets and your posse relies on you to dictate the latest fashion. This character trait could get pricey when it comes to your home, which is why I recommend starting with a classic, neutral base for the expensive items (i.e. couch, dining table, etc.) and decking your pad out with ultra-hip accessories like cool lamps, trendy vases, a stylin' coffee table, and cutting-edge gadgets. 

Whether you're cultured or ambitious, here are some ideas for your home...

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The Cultured BlokeThe ladies are always impressed by your appreciation for the finer things in life, be it your knowledge of fine wine, your travels to Botswana and Brussels, or your penchant for investing in valuable art. Make your pad your canvas by covering the walls with your favorite paintings, and rather than a table from Pottery Barn or Ikea, search for an antique table last used by Louis IVX. Store your wine collection in a slick wine cabinet and display your African masks in the living room. 

The GourmetThere's nothing wrong with knowing your way around the kitchen; after all, you've been known to woo women with your creations. Show your female guests that you can satisfy their hunger (and more) by investing in a luxurious kitchen. If you enjoy spending time experimenting with food, make yourself more comfortable by installing a kitchen island, and treat yourself to an industrial-style stainless steel oven range. Pimp up your kitchen with a slick fridge or exhaust hoods, a rack to hang copper pots and pans over your oven or island, or, for those on a tighter budget, accessorize with appliances like a sleek toaster, blender and coffee maker. 

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The Zen Master Show off your inner peace by placing fresh bamboo or stones in clear glass vases, or for a bigger investment, treat yourself to a Jacuzzi with jets in your favorite bathroom. Maintain a minimalist look with white walls and furniture, and an overall sleek decor. 

The WorkaholicWhile this might not be a character trait you want to flaunt, you can spin your workaholic tendencies as "ambitious." Set up a home office with a flat-screen computer, a state-of-the-art desk chair, and a slick table with a lot of organizational features to make you look like a guy who's always in control. 

maximize your space

You don't need to overhaul your home to give it that unique touch that's "you." If you've been living in your home for a while and are already settled in, sometimes a slight reorganization can do the trick, as can a paint job and some new accessories.