Do Pets Make A Home Complete?

Some say a house is not a complete home without a pet? What are your thoughts? Meet Chewbacca and Fizgig, my furry babies!

970715_10200548971339923_1961295078_nI grew up in the country in a little country town in Kentucky.  When I was coming up we only had outdoor pets.  So naturally 11 years ago when my husband and I purchased our first home I started to get the gentle heartstring plugs of wanting a dog.  After much discussion and concern due to allergies, we proceeded to head out and get Chewbacca who is a full blood Shih Tzu.  Chewbacca is gentle, warm, kind loving, and just a special being and I enjoy having him around.  Well, after two years we thought maybe Chewbacca needed a companion.  So off we went and ended up with Fizgig who is also from the same parents of Chewbacca but has a totally different view on life.  He's stubborn, he barks, he is a little Tasmanian devil.  But he is still my furry baby and both of my pets do something every single day that warms my heart and lets me know they love me as much as I love them.  It's nothing like coming home to two little warm fuzzy faces who are happy to see you.  Chewbacca and Fizgig bring both my husband and I untold joy!  

In case you are wondering where the names came from, my husband is a movie buff.  Of course most know Chewbaccca is from Star Wars but most do not know where the name Fizgig came from.  Fizgig has his name from the little dog like creature in "The Dark Crystal" and if you know that movie, then you know exactly how my little monkey acts!

So what are you thoughts?  Is a house not a complete home without a pet?

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