Strange Real Estate News: Honey, There's a Gator in the Bathroom!

I'm afraid I would be putting the home on the market!

gator in tub

It was a typical Saturday in April when Alexis Dunbar walked into her Palmetto, Fla., home's bathroom to find herself staring at a 7-foot-long alligator. The reptilian intruder was staring back at her - with its jaws wide open.

Screaming, Dunbar and her boyfriend propped a small table against the door to keep the gator in the bathroom until help arrived.

The alligator apparently went through the cat door of Dunbar's home and, while looking for food or a cool place to rest, wandered into the bathroom.

The alligator was removed without damage to the home, and ABC Newsreports that Dunbar consequently decided to remove the cat door. One gator invasion was, apparently, enough.

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