Historic House Infested With 20,000 Bats

(Tifton, Georgia) Could you imagine living in a home which has become infested with around 20,000 bats? One historic home in Tifton, Georgia has exactly that problem.

Between 10,000 and 20,000 Mexican free-tailed bats have taken up illegal residence inside a home in the Tifton historical district. According to neighbors the bats have been living in the house for some time. Health officials have declared the home unfit for living or any other use until the bats have been cleared out of the dwelling. The health officials also report that the interior and exterior walls of the house are filled with guano, some of it is fresh and the rest has turned to dust, and the clean-up will require the use of special protective equipment for the workers of that particular detail.

There were officials from Tru Tech, officers from Tifton county Environmental Code Enforcement Office, other city officials, neighbors and one Realtor congregated outside the historic home at 316 W. Sixth Street as they decided on what could be done about the infestation.

One way valves, which are special openings that allow the bats to leave the house but not be able to re-enter, will be used to clear the home of the bats.

The Tifton Gazette reports that local realtor Julie Smith, said that the house is in foreclosure and that it is listed with Norris Bishop Realty out of Moultrie. She said that agency has a buyer interested in purchasing the house. Smith also claims “The goal is for everyone to work together so that a family can live here safely. We hope it can again become a house in the historic district that is a viable property on the tax digest.”

Well, whatever they plan on doing let us not forget that there are going to be 20,000 homeless bats in the Tifton Georgia area seeking residence (FYI: The bats have stellar credit, pass the background check, have a 6% cash down payment and are currently seeking a Realtor).


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