Love Those Baby Wipes! - Great Home Ideas!

The manufacturers of baby wipes never envisioned that their product could have so many uses other than cleaning up baby. Check out these ideas and you'll never be without them again:

  • Makeup Remover: A few swipes with a baby wipe and makeup is gone.
  • Removes crayon marks from painted walls or finished furniture.
  • Remove stains from clothes.
  • Excellent for shining shoes.
  • Clean up shards of glass off floors after an accident.
  • Touch up bathrooms between cleanings.
  • Clean dashboard and car interior.
  • Remove "white marks" from deodorant on clothes.
  • Wipe down shower or tub after each use to prevent soap scum.
  • Remove hairs from a shedding pet.
  • Remove scuff marks off of floors.
  • Cool a sunburn by patting it with a baby wipe.
  • Touch-up floors. Put a wipe under each foot. Scoot feet along the floors.
  • Water-less pet baths.
  • Electronic Screen Cleaner: Use them on TV, cell phone, iPod and computer monitors.
  • Remove bird splatters from car windshields.
  • Wiping down restaurant tables, high chairs, shopping carts, changing tables and toilet seats in public places.
  • Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wipe and place it in a dresser drawer as a sachet.
  • A must have on camping trips - good for cleaning yourself when a shower isn't available.
  • Cleans window blinds.

Source: Good Neighbor Newsletter Feb 2013

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