Leimert Park

One thing about relocation is you get to explore all the wonderful new areas around you.  When you get settled into a place you become a bit blind to the things around you that tourists make it a point to see, so I am taking advantage of all the wonderful new history and soaking it into my spirit.

In my research of interesting areas in Los Angeles, I stumbled upon a section of town that I now look upon with wonder and excitement.  Leimer Park!  Where on earth have I been since moving here?  This is an area I should have found first!

The area is rich in "African-American" history.  It's rooted in the arts and community.  Now that is what I am talking about!  Known as a hub of jazz, this is one place I will be spending the majority to my time.  Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald were once residences here!

There have also been many well-known films that were shot in Leimert Park such as John Singleton's "Baby Boy" and the filmed directed by Martin Lawrence "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate".  Not to mention several success shows!

The Real Estate has a history of its own. Touting mansions among the average Joe.  The average price range in the area is around $350,000 but they contain so much more living space than the more "ooo la la" neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  A treasure within a treasure....Leimert Park, here I come.

To learn more about the historical area check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leimert_Park,_Los_Angeles

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