Levitated Mass Moves to LACMA

Love it or Hate it  the "ROCK" is here!  After a long and slow 105 mile journey the new attraction has arrived at its destination!  The 340 ton boulder from a riverside quarry will be the star attraction for the "Levitated Mass." attraction!

As I write, I am looking outside our 29th story window at the massive attraction and have a few mixed feelings.  I love art, it's pretty cool to see it hanging from the truck it was pulled in on however what true purpose does it serve the community.  I guess I have "limbo thoughts" just as it hangs in limbo from the massive chains awaiting its final placement.  

I do love being in the middle of it all!  If you love being in the thick of the action, there are many homes available in this area for you to pick from.  Please call me with any questions you may have.  As always, I am "Making Miracles Happen from the Miracle Mile"