A List of My Favorite LA Things ... AND ... Not So Favorite

It's been six months now since my move to Los Angeles.  Every day brings a new adventure and new things that take may take me a little time to get use to.  I know every city has pro's and con's but I thought as a new resident I would share some of my list with you.

First let's discuss just a few of the PRO's.

  1. LA has some of the most amazing sunsets! I work on the 29th floor and every evening when I am not out with clients I get to see the sky light up in the most amazing sky show ever.  I once read a bumper sticker that read "God Does Good Lighting".  I must agree.
  2. LA has warm winters!  I tend to be on the "chilly side" of life but all in all, we do not have snow and the most we need is a light coat to get through December and January.  It's now February and it's 74°F!  Gotta love that you need sunscreen all year!
  3. You never sit and twiddle your thumbs and ask yourself "What is there to do today?" you sit and throw a dart at a list of things and say "THAT ONE".  There is NEVER a lack of activity going on in Los Angeles.  Shopping, shows, beach walks, walking in the sun, basketball games, Dodgers games, etc, etc, etc.  The list never ends!
  4. Diversity in culture!  I am a people watcher and sometime just sitting in the park and watching people can be the best afternoon entertainment.  Red and Yellow, Black and White, it's so precious to see this sight!  The languages intrigue me and I love it.
  5. FOOD - GOD HELP ME....The food is endless!  Thai town, Korea Town, China Town, Sunset Strip, Melrose, Santa Monica.  You can't take two steps without finding a new place to temp your taste buds! I have yet to try the famous Roscoe’s Waffle and Chicken but that’s next on my list. Which leads me to the perfect realization that I will need a GYM soon and there seems to be one on every corner as well!
  6. As I have posted earlier in my blogs…the La Brea Tar Pits.  It’s a childhood dream of mine and now I walk through the park almost daily.  Ah, the fresh smell of tar in the morning.  Nuf said!

There is so much more I can add to this list, but I will save those as we walk through this blog journey together.  So, how you liking the journey so far?

Let’s NOW discuss just a few things from my CON list.

  1. The sidewalks are nasty and dirty and I hate to even walk in my own house after being outside.  I guess when you live in a place that has over 3,792,600 people (according to the US Census) it’s a little hard to keep a city sparking clean 24 hours a day.
  2. I know this is not my home state of Kentucky, but I hate that people don’t really smile at you. I am use to looking people in the eyes and smiling and saying hello.  I don’t always get that back.  Oh well…that won’t stop me.
  3. Traffic…OMG…I don’t think I need to say much more than that.  If you think a drive should take 20 minutes, you better count on an hour!  No logic for traffic at any time a day.  It could be midnight and you can sit in traffic! Being a Real Estate Agent this can be a “LOO LOO” for appointments.  It’s giving me the shivers as I type this.

So now you see at this point I have WAY more items on my PRO list than on my CON list.  All in all I’d say I am a happy California girl!

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