Holiday Hangover

Most of you probably do not want to hear the word "HOLIDAY" for at least a few more months!   However I must share with you my first first set of "Holiday Joys" with you.  Being new to Los Angeles really opens up so much fun and wonder for the holiday season.  We kicked off with the Halloween Festival in West Hollywood (if you have not had time to read that post please do now, it's full of excitement!) Then as we all know the world goes crazy over Christmas and ignores our wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  In our home, we take the holidays one at a time so no cards, no tinsel, no trees, no gifts...NOTHING until after the Thanksgiving feast has been eaten!  

This is our first year not being around family so it was very unusual for us to not have people over.  My husband and I decided to scale it down!  Off we went to market to gather the feast for the day!  Mind you, my husband said we would SCALE it down since it was two of us, YET he came home with a 22lb turkey! (giggle) I guess that is scaling it down since we always get the ones that are 25lbs and up!  This year I did not make my mom's homemade rolls or eggplant casserole which is a tradition but we did have my husbands wonderful yams made with rum and brown sugar, mac and cheese, dressing, collard greens, and of course TURKEY.  The feast was set!  We are so Thankful for the Blessings we have and being able to move from Denver to Los Angeles was one of them and even though we did not have our family surrounding us we enjoyed being "together" and that is what it's all about.

On to Christmas!  Once again this holiday was one of family in our home.  Our house was the PLACE TO BE!  Normally we'd have tons of family. three times the amount of food, family singing, tree trimming, cards, and homemade hot chocolate for the season.  Christmas is a time for us to celebrate our beliefs in Christ and we do it up BIG!  Yet once again we experienced change.  We decided it would be a year for new adventures since we had no family around.  We headed up to Big Bear!  At least we would see some snow in California!  So on Christmas Eve, we fired up our DVD, played our favorite holiday movies and enjoyed being "together" (keyword for this post!)  The next morning we woke up, we watched our final favorite movie  "The Christmas Story" and prepared for the drive.  I made our homemade hot chocolate for the thermos and off we went.  When we left LA the weather was in the 70's and not feeling much like Christmas.  Traffic was heavy but as we climbed to our destination the season felt more and more like Christmas.  We started seeing the snow and the air became crisp!  Perfect day!

Once there we watched the snow tubers, played our Christmas music and went to dinner.  Just the two of us...once again blessed.

So for 2011 I must report to you that I am blessed!  Even though it was a year of major change, up's and down's and adventure, I am here!

So from me to you....HAPPY NEW YEAR, may your year be full of love and TOGETHERNESS!

(as for the New Year celebration, well...stay tuned!)

Peace, love and blessings from the Realty Goddess!

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