The Other Side of the Coin...Realty Goddess Goes Landlord

I have been in Real Estate for five years now. It's had it's up's and it's down's but I really can't see myself doing anything else (besides singing of course) I love people! I love helping others start new chapters in their lives. My clients become my "friends" and I have experienced wonderful things in this career. I've seen babies born, marriages, retirements, and everything in between that cause changes in other's lives. I pride myself on repeat business and referrals! I have counciled people on the hardships of facing foreclosure, living through a short-sale and relocations. 

One thing I have just “dabbled” in is rentals.

Enter the “Jaws” theme song……

When I joined my current company, Cliffdwellers Real Estate ( I came in with a STRONG wind!  I think I might have frightened my managing broker, Tony Cline.  I am pretty wild in spirit!  Cliffdwellers also does property management for the Denver Downtown area and manages over 200 properties.  With that being said, one thing I was not too excited about was doing leasing.  I never really wanted to try it, I only wanted to be a listing and buyer’s agent. 

In the last year, I started doing leasing reluctenly.  For some reason “renters” and I just did not have the “relationship” that a buyer or a seller and I experienced. I'd make appointments, confirm them and find myself standing outside for 30 minutes waiting for people who just did not show up! Ah, yes, leasing is a different type of beast in real estate. 

However with the housing market being what it is right now, there are more renters than buyers.  Long story short….I jumped in the renters pool - both feet first.  Slowly I got my groove, I had a plan and before you know it I was helping renters find a cool place to live and opening new doors in my business. I am proud to say I have opened another door to my future and have also created more friends in this new avenue.  Why are some things so scary at first, then you conquer them and look back and say….Oh, what was I so afraid of?

Enter a NEW ROAD!  (Now you must sing “follow the yellow brick road” in your head) Can you see that music is the soundtrack of my life?  But I digress….

As everyone knows now, we are moving to Los Angeles in just a few short weeks.  We currently own our little red brick home.  We have made memories here, we have touched every single room and made it ours.  We take pride in our house and LOVE our neighbors. So, what to do, what to do????

It would not be wise to sell our home in this market, so now the Realtor becomes the Landlord!  Time to rent!  Now my knees are shaking, I’m wiping sweat from my brow and I am a bit sick to my stomach.  It’s so easy to guide others in my business.  I’ve worked with investors many times over.  Fix and Flip (no problem) Fix and Rent (no problem) BUT MY HOME….PROBLEM!

(To be continued….Tune in next time for the adventures of the Realty Goddess turns Landlord)

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