Buying Real Estate in the Lower Price Range

Buying a home on a very limited budget can be a challenge.  There you are, out looking for a home to live in.  You wade through many houses with your Realtor that are just not what you need.  Most are trashed or won't allow for FHA.  Then one day...THERE IT IS!  One that does not need much work and is ready for you to move in.  You go back to your Realtor's office, she or he has already done the research and at the time you put your offer in there were no offers on the table.  You sign your offer, give your earnest money and have your lender letter in hand!  The offer is turned in and you are happy as a clam.  All of a sudden you find yourself in a multiple offer situation with investors who are offering cash.  It can be so frustrating and heart breaking.  But don't lose faith. There are things you can do with your Realtor to help make this process a little easier.

Make sure your Realtor actually calls the listing agent BEFORE you get in the car to see the property.  A lot of heartache can be saved if you are fully informed before you go.

Try to go for properties that are a little less than what you are qualifed for so you have room to offer more if need be.

Do NOT fall in love with a home.  I know this is hard but when you are competing for a home it's best not to put your heart on the line every time.

Work with a Realtor that educates you on all of the proccesses of buying a home.  Better yet....take a home buyers class!  Buying a home is not like buying a car or anything else.  It's a big investment that you will have for a long time.  Know what you are getting into before jumping in completely.  With the market full of short sale and foreclosures, a well educated Realtor will be your best friend to help guide you through the fog of it all.

Have all of your ducks in a row before you go out!  Do you have your earnest money in hand?  Have you been pre-approved and not just pre-qualified.  Know the difference !

Make sure you are working with a Top Notch Realtor.  When it comes to getting a home in your hands you need to know that your Realtor is hardworking, a fantatic negotiator and a strong partner who will put his or her skills to work just for you!

Don't get discouraged.  You may have to put several offers in before YOUR keys actually get put in your hands!  When that happens you will look back on your journey and smile!

Know that your house is out there waiting just for you!

Laura Key is Denver's Realty Goddess.  She had taken the time to educate herself so she can educate and work hard for you.  As a buyers agent she can guide you through all the short-sales and foreclosures that you may face in your home search.  Known to spoil her clients, she takes her job serious but also makes it fun!  Contact her today!  720.939.1401